Mrs Hinch reveals her secret weapon for cleaning the tumble dryer

It's surprisingly simple
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  • Cleaning all the fluff out of the filter of a tumble dryer can be a fiddly and messy task. However, cleaning guru Mrs Hinch has a nifty tumbler dryer cleaning hack.

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    Instagram cleaning sensation Sophie Hinchcliff, a.k.a Mrs Hinch, shared her hack with her 3.8 million followers on Instagram. Speaking on Instagram stories she revealed that a dustpan brush was the quickest way to clean the filter.

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    ‘My tumble dryer is on so much more this time of year! I find the quickest way to clean the filter is simply using my dustpan brush!’ she wrote on her Instagram story. ‘It’s so quick and easy. Works every time!’

    Mrs Hinch’s dustpan brush of choice is a classic wooden version, with natural bristles and a wooden handle. You can pick up a similar version from Amazon for £9.99.

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    Buy now: Addis Dustpan and Hand Brush, £9.99, Amazon

    Mrs Hinch showed a before snap of the filter to stress the importance of cleaning it. ‘Tumble dyers can catch fire if too much fluff accumulates inside them,’ she explained on her stories. ‘Make sure you clean out your dryer after each use or at least check them.’

    The cleaning guru is right to be vigilant about cleaning out the tumble dryer. While some loads of washing won’t leave a big build-up of fluff, towels and bedding often do. Still, it is important to check each time.

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    If you are still struggling to pick up any last pieces of lint after going over the filter with a brush try using a fabric softener sheet. Swipe the screen with a used fabric softener sheet to pick up any lingering pieces.

    If you want to give you lint filter an extra deep clean, you can give it a once over with a vacuum cleaner. A handheld vacuum cleaner is best suited to this task.

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    Will you be trying this tumble dryer cleaning hack?

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