Fans are going dotty for new Habitat bedding – it's selling faster than THAT dress

It's clearly the summer of the polka dot spot!

First there was THAT summer 'it' dress from Zara, the one you couldn't walk more than 5 paces without seeing – you all know the one, right?! Now it appears to be happening again, only this time for our bedrooms with this new spotty Habitat bedding. It seems this is the summer we're all going completely dotty for polka dots like never before.

After sharing the spot design with fans on Instagram it has very quickly became the best-selling bedding this week.

Selling so fast in fact, the retailer predicts this 100 per cent cotton bedding will be totally sold-out by the weekend.

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New Penny Habitat bedding

bedroom with bed having dotted pattern bedsheet and pillow covers

(Image credit: Habitat)

'We’ve seen sales of our new ‘Penny’ spotted bedding rocket this week by over 80 per cent as Zara released a second update to its cult polka dot dress,' explains Martha Coates, in-house Pattern Designer for Habitat. 'People are obviously really drawn to this print for both fashion and home.'

Martha goes on to comment, 'The monochrome palette means that you can easily mix within an existing interior scheme/wardrobe. It's also easy to layer colourful accessories on top if you want to. It’s a very easy pattern to live and dress with, which has a sense of fun about it.

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The Penny spotted bedding welcomed a huge reaction from shoppers on Habitat’s Instagram. The majority of the polka dot fans also own the Zara dress;

‘Love it!... maybe because I have THAT dress! 🤣’.

One alluding to owning said dress, asking ‘Bedding to match?’

One follower jesting, ‘loads of the dress sewn together’.

white bedding set with printed black dots on bedsheet and pillow covers

(Image credit: Habitat)

Comparing the Zara design to that of the Habitat bedding Martha explains, 'interestingly both patterns originate from hand-painted artworks meaning the dots are more organic and fluid, giving a more creative aesthetic to both designs and taking it away from the more uniform traditional connotations of ‘polka dot’.'

So much so, was the success of THAT now infamous Zara dress that it's got it's own Instagram account. The 'Hot 4 The Spot' page was created as a tongue-in-cheek 'safe space for *the dress*'.

They picked up on the Habitat spotted bedding and shared it with fellow polka dot fans – no doubt fuelling the designs popularity.

The bedding's shared alongside the caption, 'A more socially acceptable way to sleep in your dress. 💤'.

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If you're hoping to get your hands on this dotty delight, best make a dash for it – before it's gone.


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