Nadia Sawalha’s top tip will have you rethinking how you organise your kitchen

Marie Kondo might have some competition from the Loose Woman
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  • When it comes to Kitchen gadgets we love anything that makes our lives easier when it comes to whipping up dinner. Unfortunately new tech often comes at the expense of our lovely kitchen aesthetic as we litter our counters with Nutri-bullets, juicers, rice cookers and coffeemakers.

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    We’ve all been sold the idea that if you put something in a cupboard you’ll simply forget about it. Well Loose Women panellist Nadia Sawalha has a few words of wisdom to challenge this outdated advice.

    The 2009 winner of celebrity Masterchef knows a few things about creating a function kitchen, so when she offered up this Marie Kondo-esque nugget about storing a new piece of kitchen tech we gobbled it up.

    Ninja pressure cooker 3

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    The gadget in question was the Ninja pressure cooker, the foodi multi-cooker, just from looking at it you can tell that this gadget is a bit of a beast and even before you have heard its Swiss-army skill set you know it’s not something you’ll want constantly sat out on your counter. However, rather than ditching the gadget on that basis alone Nadia found a home for it that won’t disrupt her kitchen.

    ‘I know a lot of people say what about the size of it, but I don’t actually mind it. If something is worth keeping if your kitchen you will find space for it, so I have a cupboard I bung it in. I don’t want it out because my kitchen is all-white,’ she explains.

    Ninja pressure cooker 2

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    Nadia’s tip while far from groundbreaking is a reminder that if you put something in a cupboard and forget about it, then that gadget doesn’t belong in your home. Your precious cupboard space should be reserved for items that are going to make you and your families lives a little better (and yummier).

    She explained how the Ninja pressure cooker had earned a space in her kitchen for being perfect when it’s her husbands turn to pop the dinner on. She can trust him to plate up an entire roast dinner with minimal effort. She simply pops the potatoes in the built in ceramic dish, pops a chicken on the wire rack that comes with it, sprinkles over a little garlic, thyme and oil.

    Ninja pressure cooker 1

    ‘I say to my husband press that button, you won’t need to look at it and it will be ready gorgeous in 20 to 25 minutes,’ says Nadia, adding ‘it has become a proper little baby in my house.’

    Our cynical side would be quick to argue that of course she is going to be singing the Ninja pressure cooker’s praises as the celebrity face of the product. However, we had a go at whipping up our own roast chicken and gravy in the gadget, and we can vouch that it is one of the tastiest roast’s we’ve ever made and it only took 30 minutes! I think we’ll have to agree with Nadia, that anything that can turn a Sunday roast into a weekday meal deserves a place in our kitchen cupboard.

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    So remember, next time you spy a new piece of tech bear in mind if you put it in a cupboard would you still use it? If the answer’s yes, then please, shop away.


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