No sex please, we're British: shocking new stats reveal Britons care more about having a tidy house than having sex (or going on holiday)

A whopping 36% of us would rather have a clean house than have sex, and spend an average of 15 hours a week doing housework.

What are you doing tonight? Reaching for the duster? Whipping out the marigolds?

That might sound a bit on the boring side, but according to the latest stats from appliance company Beko (opens in new tab), chances are we're more likely to be cleaning our house than enjoying a night out or even a sexy night in with our partner.

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Yep, you read that right - as a nation, we prefer to have a tidy house than a good night out, a dream holiday or even sex!

Blimey, what a boring lot we are!

The official stats show that 36% percent of us thought that a tidy house was an important part our lives, whilst only 18% believed that sex was important.

Ok, ok, so we know we're not a particularly sex-crazed nation, but just 18%? That's depressing.

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Before you get too down though, you can take solace in what a clean bunch we are.

According to the research, each one of us Brits spends an average of 15 hours a week on housework.

It also showed that we view mess as more irritating than being stuck in a traffic jam, having to listen to telephone hold music or even dealing with parking wardens.

Though not only are we a nation of Kim and Aggie-inspired cleaning enthusiasts, we're apparently a sexist bunch too...

woman cleaning the table

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The research revealed that men spend approximately 11 hours on chores, while women do the lion's share taking on over 17 hours during the same time period - that's nearly two working days a week spent cleaning the house!

Women across the nation may well query these figures, as they think their partner actually does fewer than five hours housework a week.

Moreover, 26% of women say their other half doesn't do enough around the house. Great, so it's not just me nagging then!

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