How you can have a koselig Christmas

Take a leaf out of Norway's book and have yourself a koselig winter

Scandinavian fashions are everywhere at the moment – interior design, apparel and now we’re even falling in love with their winter comforts.

And Norway is certainly creating a buzz with this year’s winter word of choice – koselig.

Koselig is often translated as ‘cosy’ in English but it means so much more than a snug room. To achieve complete and utter koselig you must feel that fuzzy feeling from head to toe.

No, we don’t mean a onsie or a really cool pom pom hat, we mean that glowy feeling you get when sitting around a fire with friends and family, drinking warm drinks and huddled under blankets, chatting until the early hours of the morning.

In a country where the sun rarely makes it above the horizon from late November to late January, Norway is certainly battling the seasonal affective disorder in style.

Norwegians also have a similar concept, ‘fredagskos’ to help beat the northern chill. It literally translates into ‘that Friday feeling’ and is celebrated at the end of the week with a feast of food amongst family.

So how can we achieve a koselig feeling this Christmas?

In true British style, head to an oldy worldy pub, huddle around an ingle nook fire with mulled wine and a good roast dinner (or shepherd’s pie, fish and chips, beef wellington…you get the idea!).

Giving gifts, surrounding yourself with friends and family or just lighting scented candles and reading a classic Dickensian book by the fire will all give you that koselig feeling.

So take a leaf out of Norway’s book this year and get a little koselig glow this Christmas.

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