Old £1 coins will be accepted at Poundland two weeks after deadline, and this is what you can spend them on

We've chosen our best £1 buys for using up your change

Quick – get searching down the back of the sofa. As of Sunday 15th October 2017, old pound coins come out of circulation. The old 'round pounds' are being replaced by two-tone, 12-sided coins that are more difficult to counterfeit.

That means that shops can refuse to accept the old pounds as payment, although thankfully many have announced a £1 amnesty. Tesco, Aldi and Poundland are among those to announce they will continue to accept old pounds as legal tender AFTER the deadline. Which got us thinking. If we find any old pound coins in the glovebox or our piggy banks, what would we spend them on?

Here are a few suggestions from one of our favourite sources of affordable homeware, Poundland. They'll be accepting old pound coins until the 31st October.

Already used up your old £1 coins? Then click straight through to buy them on the Poundland website.

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Jane Asher ceramic dishes

ceramic mixing bowl

(Image credit: Poundland)

Ideal Home Digital Editor Amy is a huge fan of these £1 dishes. 'The little rectangular ones are perfect for making individual fish or cottage pies,' she says. ' I have them in grey, and no one has a clue that I bought them at Poundland – well, until now! My friends have guessed and think they're from John Lewis.'

The dishes are available in-store only, but the mixing bowl can be bought online, too.

Buy now: Jane Asher ceramic mixing bowl, £1, Poundland

Chevron dining range

dinner plate

(Image credit: Poundland)

Chevron is THE pattern of the moment, and looks super-smart on this new range of crockery from Poundland. You can buy matching dinner plates, side plates, cereal bowls and mugs featuring the motif, all £1 each. That's £4 for a full place setting – bargain. And if you really love the design, you can also find it on bed sheets, a tea towel and an oven glove.

Buy now: Dinner plate, £1, Poundland

Jane Asher cake carry cases

poundland cake carry cases

(Image credit: Poundland)

A timely buy for anyone who's caught the Bake Off bug, these carrier will come in handy when you need to transport a sponge to a bake sale, coffee morning or the office. They're available in several colours and there are different-shaped versions for cupcakes, tray bakes and big-old showstoppers.

Buy now: Jane Asher cake carry case, £1, Poundland

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Charlie Dimmock Jute String

garden jute string

(Image credit: Poundland)

Get a tin of twine for your old pound, and stash it in your kitchen drawer, ready for anything. Twine truly has umpteen uses – like tying up brown paper packages, supporting plants in the garden, or wrapping around jam jars to create cute little vases.

The coloured refills are even better value, at £1 for four spools.

Buy now: Charlie Dimmock Garden Jute String 80m, £1, Poundland

Buy now: Charlie Dimmock Coloured Refil Jute String, £1, Poundland

Fretwork photo frames

white photo frames

(Image credit: Poundland)

Show off your favourite pictures of loved ones – or yourself (!) – in these pretty frames. The fretwork-style cutouts reflect this season's trend for textured finishes in home accessories.

They'd make good stocking fillers, too.

Buy now: White Photo Frames 2 Pack, £1, Poundland

Hanging basket and hanger

hanging basket on bird bracket

(Image credit: Poundland)

For the princely sum of two pounds, plus the price of a few plants, you can add instant colour to a garden, balcony or at the front door. Given pre-planted baskets can cost upwards of £20, this is a great money saver.

Buy now: Charlie Dimmock Rattan Hanging Basket 25cm, £1, Poundland

Buy now: Charlie Dimmock Bird Design Bracket 30cm, £1, Poundland

More change burning a hole in your pocket? Check out Charlie's range of £1 garden tools, including a mini fork and trowel.

'We are the official home of the pound, so it’s a no brainer that we offer all Brits the opportunity to spend their hard earned round pounds for longer,' says Barry Williams, Poundland’s Managing Director. 'Our Legal Tender Extender initiative means our customers have a little extra time to make the most of their money.

'We’re all about making our customers’ money go further, so providing an extra convenience for shoppers to lighten their pockets while doing the weekly shop rather than making a separate trip to the bank or post office will come as good news.'

Amy Cutmore

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