Pinterest's most-pinned beds - to help you find 'the one'

Competition was tight

The bed is arguably *the* most important piece of furniture in the home. If you're one of the many people currently giving your bedroom an upgrade, this list of Pinterest's most-pinned beds will help you find 'the one.'

Given that our bed is where we start and end our day, a bed you love - and the very best mattress for your needs - will make a big difference.

bedroom with white wall and bed

(Image credit: The French Bedroom Company)

Luxury bedroom furnishings specialists The French Bedroom Company conducted a survey and came up with a list of the most popular bed styles on Pinterest. 'We’ve discovered several key trends driving buyer’s decisions this year,' says Georgia Metcalfe.

The co-founder and creative director of The French Bedroom Company comments that shoppers are seeking out good-looking storage. Somewhere to neatly put away our summer wardrobes (sigh), spare bedsheets and our best pillows? Yes, please!

Georgia also says that other style choices include Bridgerton-inspired regencycore and cottagecore. 'As a result, matching ottomans for storage have been incredibly popular, as well as velvet, French and four poster beds,' she says.

bedroom with white wall and grey storage bed

(Image credit: MY Furniture)

Pinterest's most-pinned beds of 2021

Grey beds – 1,210 boards
Storage beds – 1,056 boards
Wooden beds – 1,040 boards
Upholstered beds – 1,032 boards
Metal beds – 976 boards
Velvet beds – 968 boards
Antique beds – 930 boards
French beds – 860 boards
Four poster beds – 832 boards
Rattan beds – 540 boards

Grey beds came out on top, which comes as no surprise since grey is just so versatile. But storage beds, wooden beds and upholstered beds were also deemed some of the best beds by Pinterest users.

If you don't love the idea of having lots of things under the bed, try an ottoman perched in a bay window or at the foot of the bed. 'For us, beds with storage massively compromise design,' Georgia admits.

bedroom with white wall and grey bed

(Image credit: The French Bedroom Company)

'Nothing says timeless, stylish sanctuary like a freestanding hand-carved bed with no clutter underneath it, allowing air to circulate.' It's definitely something to weigh up - if you don't have much storage space, underbed storage could be a lifesaver.

If you can manage without, there is something particularly calming and feng shui about a clutter-free bedroom with a bed that you can actually see under.

Four-poster beds and rattan beds also received a lot of love, and both are great options if you want to really make your bed the focal point of the room. We've got to say, we think there's just something particularly special about a four-poster. Which would you pick?

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