What makes a house a home? A small Pomeranian in a pen pot. Wearing glasses. Obviously.

The internet has gone crazy for this perky little Pomeranian, and so have we. Find out why you need one in your home

First there was Boo. Now there's Flint. If you haven't been on social media for the past year, you might have missed the Pomeranian phenomenon that was Boo.

Let me explain. Pomeranian dogs are small, therefore they are cute. If
you give a Pomeranian dog a haircut the cuteness factor grows
exponentially. This is the basic appeal of Boo.

dog with sunglass and papers

(Image credit: future PLC/robin yu)

If you then take photos of said pomeranian relaxing around the house; taking a nap on a perfectly styled bed or reclining on a chic sofa, you've got an internet sensation that equates to over 9 million Facebook fans. Yes, that's even more than Housetohome.


But step aside Boo, there's a new Pomeranian on the block. Styling up a
storm, little Flint has been snapped, by his owner Robin, making himself
perfectly at home in various rooms of her house and the internet has gone crazy for him.

dog with brown hair and relaxing

(Image credit: future PLC/robin yu)

From taking care of the washing to helping with office work, the perky pet has been busy making every aspect of home life just... way more fun.

dog with towels and laundry

(Image credit: future PLC/Robin Yu)

As Robin explains: 'As a fun way to keep in touch with friends and family, I started taking pictures of Flint for monthly holiday photos. I'd pick a holiday for the month and dress him up in cute outfits. I had so much fun putting together each photo and eventually wanted to learn how to take better pictures.'

dog with hanging orange slice and clips

(Image credit: future PLC/Robin Yu)

'I also use his obedience training or his tricks to help with poses,' she says.

And these are not just opportune snaps. Robin has an artistic process to creating the images: 'I'm inspired by everyday things, movies, TV, nature. Sometimes it's not a concept that comes first, but a colour and I'll try and think of what fun things I can do with that colour.'

We can't wait for the next set of photos. But until then you can find out more about Flint here.

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