Be quick to snap up £5 Poundland clothes rail – it won't hang around for long

Not at that price!

We couldn't believe our eyes when we saw the Poundland clothes rail. Not only because we wouldn't expect to find one at the discount store, but also because it costs just £5 – the cheapest we've seen on the market.

Poundland has this week launched a bargain-busting range of stylish storage and spring clean solutions for every room in the home.

The rack comes as part of the new 30-piece stationery collection that has everything from clothes storage to craft-essential pinboards. All the pieces range between £1 and £5, making it prime for rivalling even IKEA on price.

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The £5 Poundland clothes rail

clothing rail

(Image credit: Poundland)

The adjustable clothes rail comes complete with castors for mobility and ease. It also features a two-bar storage section at the bottom – ideal to accommodate shoes or storage boxes.

So to compare, the IKEA Rigga Clothes rack is the most similar in style to this Poundland model – with an adjustable height and rack along the bottom. The IKEA one has a very pleasing £15 price tag, which is good value but it's not Poundland good.

You can never go far wrong with keeping a clothes rail on hand, even if spare. It's ideal for extra coat storage  – not to mention a handy aid for car boot sales or temporary storage during home renovations.

Hanging wardrobe storage

hanging wardrobe storage

(Image credit: Poundland)

In addition to the rail, Poundland are catering for our existing wardrobes. To help store our clothes in an orderly fashion there's the new 6 compartment hanging storage piece. It can be used for any item of clothing, helping make better use of limited wardrobe space. The Poundland version retails for £2.

For another price comparison, the similar IKEA Skubb 6 compartment hanging storage is £7.

Fabric storage boxes

fabric storage boxes

(Image credit: Poundland)

These large multi-functional storage boxes are £5 each. Ideal for the bottom of the wardrobe, to store out-of-season clothes e.g jumpers.

January is the month is the perfect time to get a little more organised. Decluttering and tidying our homes can help also to declutter our minds. It's this time of the year when we are met with a flourish of clever tidy hacks.

Such as turning the hanger in the wrong direction, meaning at the end of a na allotted time period you can see which clothes on hangers have not been touched. These are perhaps the clothes  you can afford to donate to a charity shop and not miss.

fabric storage box

(Image credit: Poundland)

The 15th January also sees the launch of Poundland‘s ‘Big Clean 2020’ in store event. Best-selling lines, including Mrs Hinch’s favourite ‘The Pink Stuff’, will return to stores across the country.

Customers will also have the chance to win a life-changing £50,000 when they spend over £5 on cleaning products in store.* Happy cleaning!

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The full range is in stores now, only while stocks last.


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