Be quick to snap up £5 Poundland clothes rail – it won’t hang around for long

Not at that price!
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  • We couldn’t believe our eyes when we saw the Poundland clothes rail. Not only because we wouldn’t expect to find one at the discount store, but also because it costs just £5 – the cheapest we’ve seen on the market.

    Poundland has this week launched a bargain-busting range of stylish storage and spring clean solutions for every room in the home.

    The rack comes as part of the new 30-piece stationery collection that has everything from clothes storage to craft-essential pinboards. All the pieces range between £1 and £5, making it prime for rivalling even IKEA on price.

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    The £5 Poundland clothes rail

    Image credit: Poundland

    The adjustable clothes rail comes complete with castors for mobility and ease. It also features a two-bar storage section at the bottom – ideal to accommodate shoes or storage boxes.

    So to compare, the IKEA Rigga Clothes rack is the most similar in style to this Poundland model – with an adjustable height and rack along the bottom. The IKEA one has a very pleasing £15 price tag, which is good value but it’s not Poundland good.

    You can never go far wrong with keeping a clothes rail on hand, even if spare. It’s ideal for extra coat storage  – not to mention a handy aid for car boot sales or temporary storage during home renovations.

    Hanging wardrobe storage

    Clothes rail and 6 compartment hangers

    Image credit: Poundland

    In addition to the rail, Poundland are catering for our existing wardrobes. To help store our clothes in an orderly fashion there’s the new 6 compartment hanging storage piece. It can be used for any item of clothing, helping make better use of limited wardrobe space. The Poundland version retails for £2.

    For another price comparison, the similar IKEA Skubb 6 compartment hanging storage is £7.

    Fabric storage boxes

    Image credit: Poundland

    These large multi-functional storage boxes are £5 each. Ideal for the bottom of the wardrobe, to store out-of-season clothes e.g jumpers.

    January is the month is the perfect time to get a little more organised. Decluttering and tidying our homes can help also to declutter our minds. It’s this time of the year when we are met with a flourish of clever tidy hacks.

    Such as turning the hanger in the wrong direction, meaning at the end of a na allotted time period you can see which clothes on hangers have not been touched. These are perhaps the clothes  you can afford to donate to a charity shop and not miss.

    Clothes rail and wardrobe solutions

    Image credit: Poundland

    The 15th January also sees the launch of Poundland‘s ‘Big Clean 2020’ in store event. Best-selling lines, including Mrs Hinch’s favourite ‘The Pink Stuff’, will return to stores across the country.

    Customers will also have the chance to win a life-changing £50,000 when they spend over £5 on cleaning products in store.* Happy cleaning!

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    The full range is in stores now, only while stocks last.

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