Poundland’s latest collection is inspired by the kitchen trend celebrities are going wild for

This storage is meant to be seen
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  • Decanting store cupboard items into containers has always been a practical way to keep flour spillages to a minimum, and things fresh. However, in the last year decanting items has become one of the biggest kitchen trends, one you can dip into from £1 with the new Poundland storage range.

    Kitchen storage ideas have been elevated to an art form, one that celebrities from Stacey Solomon to Vogue Williams are embracing on Instagram. Forget practical clip lid storage, glass jars with bamboo lids, and coordinating plastic boxes that can be proudly displayed on open shelving are the storage solution celebrities are investing in now.

    open wooden shelving with storage caddies

    Image credit: Poundland

    Aesthetically pleasing storage solutions aren’t the easiest thing to come by, and can often set you back a pretty penny. However, we’ve spied some lovely pieces in Poundland’s latest storage drop, that wouldn’t look out of place on a designer kitchen shelfie. Here are just a few of our favourite buys that are easy on the eyes and the wallet.

    Poundland storage range

    Chalkboard storage tubs

    ovenproof dishes with chalk lids

    Image credit: Poundland

    These chalkboard oven dishes, priced at £5 are perfect for food prep or storing leftovers in the fridge. The dishes are ovenproof so you can heat things up in them safely.

    The bamboo lid features a chalkboard so you can write on whatever is inside so you don’t lose track of it in your fridge.

    Clip top jar with lid


    Cliptop storage

    Image credit: Poundland

    Jars have now become an essential part of styling kitchen ideas. These clip top versions have a rustic look to them and come in a range of sizes, including 1 litre (£2.50) and 2 litres (£3.50). They are perfect for storing dried goods including pasta, rice and flour.

    3 Nested storage pots

    clear stackable jars

    Image credit: Poundland

    These 3 nested storage pots, priced at £3 look so good you don’t need to confine their use to the kitchen. We can equally see them being filled with your favourite snack foods, as storing cotton wool pads and hair clips.

    Storage boxes

    black, white and orange storage

    Image credit: Poundland

    If there is anything we have learnt from The Home Edit and Marie Kondo it’s that storage boxes are your friend when it comes to storage, even in the kitchen. These boxes are available in three sizes and colours with prices starting at £3.50.

    The small boxes are perfect for zoning kitchen cupboards, or storing things on high shelves so they can be lifted down to look at. The larger boxes are better suited to pantry ideas where they can be used to store extra bags of pasta, rice or tins of beans that can be used to restock shelves above.

    I think a trip to Poundland might be in order this weekend.

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