Primark's beautiful Mulan homeware collection has been a knock out hit on Instagram

Did I hear someone ask for a miracle? – because Primark has delivered

Primark is knocking it out of the park with their new Disney collections, but their latest one has got us very excited. Are you ready to deck your bedroom out with Mulan bedding?!

This collection comes in the wake of the release of the trailer for the new live-action Mulan film, due to be released in 2020. However, if you can’t wait that long to get your Mulan fan girl on, then you need to get to Primark soon.

With prices starting at £6 for a mug, choosing what to by from this collection will be as tough as picking the best Mulan song – Reflection? I’ll Make a Man out of You? don't make us choose.

But, while we try and make our mind up about that, why don’t we peruse the Mulan collection?

Primark Mulan bedding

bedroom with primark mulan bedding and wooden floor

(Image credit: TBC)

Buy in-store: Mulan bedding, from £14, Primark

With prices starting at £14 for a single set, we would happily hunker down within this navy and ruby red bedding. Trimmed with gold blossom flowers and Mulan in her iconic green dress we will be humming the soundtrack in our sleep.

When the Mulan bedding appeared on Instagram with the caption: ‘Best song in Mulan? Go.’ It quickly clocked up 72K likes and massive 1,912 comments, including:

‘This bedding is Gorgeous! And right on time because I need some new bedding’

‘FAAAA MULAAN. I love her. I adore her’

‘I love all the songs, but if I have to choose, I would choose ‘I’ll make a man out of you’ I love the film and this collection.'

Primark Mulan throw

primark mulan throw

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Buy in-store: Mulan Throw, £6, Primark

This cosy blanket is the perfect finishing touch to the bedding. It is available in wine red with a Mulan patch for the subtler fan, or in a Mulan and blossom pattern for serious aficionados.

Primark Mulan Teapot

primark mulan teapot

(Image credit: TBC)

Buy in-store: Mulan Teapot, £12, Primark

Of course there is a gorgeous teapot so that you can treat you and your friends to a brew while re-watching the Disney classic. The dark green and gold teapot with Mulan printed on the front is priced at £12. This is one for the wishlist.

Primark Mulan Mug

primark mulan mug

(Image credit: TBC)

Buy in-store: Mulan mug, £6, Primark  

This is the mug we would have begged our parents for in the Disney shop back in the day. The only thing that has changed is the shop. Add this green and gold mug to your kitchen cupboard, just fingers crossed when it comes to making a cup of tea you don’t find a lucky cricket lounging in it.

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What is your favourite piece in this Mulan collection?

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