It’s 40ft above the ground with a glass bottom. Would you take a dip in this scary swimming pool?

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  • Calling all thrill-seekers and adrenaline junkies, this swimming pool is sure to get your blood pumping

    If you suffer from vertigo then you might want to look away now.

    This 82ft swimming pool, protruding from the side of a hotel and suspended 40ft above the ground will make you feel giddy just looking at it.

    Perched above a couple of tree trunks, the Cantilevered infinity pool is part of a new extension at Hotel Hubertus – a wellness resort for skiers and hikers in South Tyrol, Italy.

    Designed by the architecture studio Noa, the pool rests between two accommodation wings and takes the form of a floating rock overlooking the valley.

    The hidden edges of the pool create the illusion that water is overflowing, while the anthracite sides of the structure blend in with the surrounding scenery, creating an even more extreme and surreal experience for bathers.

    But its most impressive feature is the glass panel on the bottom, through which swimmers can actually see that they are floating above the valley below.

    The design team told Dezeen magazine: ‘The position of the pool, which floats 12 metres above the ground, at its extreme edge, gives the swimmer the feeling of floating – weightlessly between heaven and earth.’

    Fancy a dip? Visit Hotel Hubertus for more information.

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