RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2019 – Lorraine Kelly and Mary Berry love this greenhouse!

Plus tips on how to get the look in your garden
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  • The RHS Chelsea Flower Show always attracts a number of celebrity guests, but this year they have been flocking to botanical stylist Selina Lake’s gorgeous greenhouse.

    The collaboration between Selina and bespoke Victorian greenhouse manufacturer, Alitex, blurs the lines between inside and out, and its vibrant blooms and eclectic furniture caught the eye of both the ‘Queen of Baking’ Mary Berry and our fave Lorraine Kelly.

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    Actor Richard E Grant and radio DJ Jo Whiley were also caught admiring the foxgloves, floral prints and foliage. The stand’s fanbase even extends to the show’s judges, who presented the greenhouse with the 5-star stand award.

    Selina Lake greenhouse 1

    Alitex are old favourites at Chelsea, and have exhibited at the horticultural event every year since 1960. This year with the help of Selina’s skilled eye, the brand launched the Marston and Langinger Alitex paint collection.

    The 15 new shades, ranging from muted greens to vibrant burnt orange were woven through the picture-perfect creation, which can be found at stand 334 on the Main Avenue.

    Selina Lake greenhouse 2

    Selina has totally inspired us to achieve our own #Greenhousegoals. Her carefully curated display incorporates Victorian light shades, botanical prints and even a splash of neon – all things we can’t wait to try!

    And luckily for us, the best-selling author has been generous and offered a few tips on how to achieve the inspiring look in your own garden.

    Selina Lake’s tips for a Chelsea-worthy greenhouse

    1. Upcycle old furniture

    ‘Give old chairs, metal furniture and plant pots a new lease of life by adding a pop of colour,’ says Selina. On-trend shades for the garden include those burnt oranges and hothouse pinks.

    2. Don’t underestimate a simple bench

    Selina Lake greenhouse 5

    ‘A bench can be transformed into a sumptuous day bed with the help of a mass of comfy patterned cushions,’ suggests Selina.

    3. When it comes to blooms take your cues from nature

    Make sure to group blooms that grow well together, for example, foxgloves and ferns often grow well together in light shade. ‘Add in branches from shrubs or trees to keep the you arrangements wild and interesting,’ advises Selina.

    4. Try the latest botanical trend

    Selina Lake greenhouse 4

    Give entomology, the study of insects, a whirl. Giving back bees and insects the prominence they deserve in the British garden. ‘Achieve the look by having a go at drawing bees on windows using a chalk pen,’ says Selina.

    5. DIY bunting

    Selina Lake greenhouse 3

    ‘Photocopy pages of an insect study book and cut  into flag shapes which can be threaded onto string,’ says Selina, for a unique twist on bunting, inkeeping with the Entomology trend.

    6. Swap plastic for natural materials

    Make your greenhouse environmentally friendly, while also nailing the natural living look by ditching the plastic furniture and accessories. Swap them out for naturally beautiful materials like metals, rattan and bamboo.

    7. Display posters

    Selina Lake greenhouse 6

    Posters and prints don’t just need to be reserved for the inside. Selina suggests decorating a bare wall with framed prints or clipping up floral paintings, or attach a few botanical designs to a wire washing line by the window. Just be careful to make sure your frames are waterproof if they risk coming into contact with the elements. Also, be mindful of where you place your prints to keep them gorgeous for as long as possible.

    8. Don’t be scared to mix it up

    Create an interesting dining set up with freshly painted chairs mixed in with aged vintage ones chosen for their aged patina. ‘Add vases of freshly picked garden flowers to celebrate all things Chelsea,’ says Selina.

    9. Add the unexpected

    Selina Lake greenhouse 7

    Make sure your spaces oozes personality by filing it with usual items. Selina mixed here foxgloves and prints with neon lights and decorative glass pendants. If it inspires you, give it a go.

    10. You can’t beat a well-placed mirror

    Reflect your garden into your plot with a mirror. You’ll get double the greenery and double the light, a quadruple win!

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    Will your greenhouse be getting the Mary Berry seal of approval?

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