September heatwave survival guide - our top 5 tips for keeping cool

If your home is baking, check out our easy go-to methods of keeping the temperature down

The UK has been waiting patiently for a heatwave - one last hurrah before the leaves turn brown and the days shorten. While we might have preferred a July over a September heatwave, all we know is the UK is experiencing some very warm and sunny weather right now.

Great news for those lucky enough to have booked some time off, but not so great for those working from home. If you're dreaming of air-con and ready to jump in a bath of ice, check out our September heatwave survival guide.

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Are we getting another heatwave?

The met office predicts that from September 11 to September 20, temperatures will be above average across the UK. Some areas are likely to feel very warm, according to the official met office website.

This week, many will experience hot weather - whether or not it will last longer than a few days, we don't know.

1. Find a way to stay cool at night

First things first: sleep. When temperatures rise, sliding under a single sheet feels like entering a fiery furnace. All of a sudden, getting a good night's sleep is another item on our list of worries.

If you're finding you are too hot to sleep, experiment with ways to stay cool in bed and see what works for you. We like the idea of cooling our socks and pillowcase in the fridge before bedtime.

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2. Keep the blinds drawn

We're so used to opening blinds and curtains in the morning, we just do it on autopilot. But on those particularly el scorchio days it's better to keep them closed to stop the sun from beaming in.

3. Get the fans going

Even if you have an old fan that kind of works, go online and order another one. The best fans available will help to keep air circulating around your flat, house, campervan or wherever you dwell.

Even if the air is warm, it stops things from feeling totally stuffy. Try this expert fan positioning trick to draw cooler air in and push warm air out.

Ideal Home News Editor Rebecca Knight swears by putting a bowl of ice in front of your fan to get a cool breeze flowing.

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4. Shut the windows at the hotter times of the day

From personal experience, it's a good idea to open your windows as early as possible. Opening windows when there's still a cool breeze brings the temperature of your room down.

But don't leave them open all day as it'll just let hot air in.

5. Switch off electricals

Our TVs, phones and other gadgets all emit some heat. Try not to have your phone charging near to you as you sleep - keep it as far away as possible.

Keep cool and carry on during this September heatwave.

Millie Hurst
Senior Content Editor

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