This Shark upright vacuum cleaner has £100 off... and it won't get tangled in hair

Suck up the savings on this great plugged-in cleaner

Cordless vacuum cleaners aren't for everyone. If you're not so great at remembering to charge them, or just miss the power you get from a plug-in cleaner, you'll know what we mean. So we know this Shark upright vacuum cleaner deal is going to appeal to plenty of people – particularly as it's been reduced by £100.

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To be honest, we think it's a good buy for just about anyone. Pet lovers will love its Anti Hair Wrap technology. And while it might not look as lightweight as a cordless, it's got a clever feature to help with that, as we'll explain.

Shark upright vacuum cleaner deal

Two features make this vacuum cleaner a joy to own. The first is its Anti Hair Wrap Technology. This basically strips any hair from the brush-roll as you vacuum. What Stark calls a 'bristle-guard' works to separate out the hair, and stop it from tangling up on the brush roll. For anyone that's had to attach their vacuum with scissors to try and cut the hair out, you'll know it's genius. And it works with long, short and pet hair.

vacuum cleaner with white flooring

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The other big USP is the Powered Lift-Away feature. This lets you 'lift away' the main unit from the wand, so that you can tackle stairs, run over curtains, or get those pesky spiders' webs in the corners of the ceiling without requiring Popeye's strength.

This glowing Amazon review sums it up. 'This is the best cleaner I have ever bought - and there have been a few! Our dog and two cats can cause domestic havoc and nothing seemed to clear up before we found Sharkie!!!! Wonderful.'

'Our rugs came up like new, the amount of hair and dust was visible and so much - we are ashamed to say that we are quite excited to run the cleaner around. Works just as well on hard floors and finds dirt I didnt know was there.'

'It is a little heavy so not really suitable for anyone with disabilities but if you want a clean home - this is it!'

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Christmas is a busy time, so if you want a vacuum you can rely on for quick clean ups for every hour of every day, we don't think you can go wrong here.

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