The £2.99 cleaning tool every pet-owner needs – Cleaning guru Lynsey Crombie is already fan

Whether you have a pet or just long-hair that gets everywhere – this is the tool for you

Carpets and sofa's matted with pet hair is a bad look in any household. However, cleaning guru Lynsey Crombie has shared her £2.99 secret weapon to get carpets looking like new – a Beldray gel lint roller.

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The Instagram cleaning sensation, also known as Lynsey Queen of Clean shared her tip over the weekend. In her Instagram stories, she revealed how she used the handheld lint roller and squeegee to give her stairs a revamp.

The owner of an adorable black pup herself, the Queen of Clean knows how difficult it is to keep a home pristine when looking after a pet. With the lint roller, she demonstrated how she was able to get into every corner of each step so no hair was left behind.

Beldray gel lint roller

lint roller with stairs and white walls

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Buy now: Beldray Pet Plus+ Handheld Gel Lint Roller, £2.99, Amazon

The gel lint roller is part of the new Beldray Pet Plus+ range available on Amazon. Even if you don't have a pet, a lint roller is a handy cleaning gadget to have around the home.

Lynsey has previous demonstrated the wonders of using one to keep lampshades and furniture dust-free. The added bonus of the Beldray version is that it's easy to clean and you don't need to throw away sticky sheets of paper.

Simply wash the roller with soap and water when you're done and leave to dry. It will remain sticky and ready to use.

If you struggle to get on your hands and knees to tackle pet hair ridden carpets, it is also available with a telescopic handle. Perfect for tackling any patches the vacuum cleaner struggles with.

lint roller with hand and faucet

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Buy now: Beldray Pet Plus+ TPR Gel Lint Roller with Telescopic Handle, £5.99, Amazon

The new Beldray Pet Plus+ range includes a whole range of innovative cleaning tools for mucky pups. From hardworking mops to a clever brush-turn-mop, each tool is designed to make it easy to clean up after your four-legged friend.

I don't own a pet, but living in a house with two long-haired girls I'll be adding the lint roller to my Amazon basket ASAP.

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