Spine-tingling locations for the ultimate Halloween

Throwing a Halloween party? Check out these ghoulish settings, perfect for some spooky thrills

Once the kids have come down from their post-Trick or Treat sugar rush, it’s time for the adults to play. To find the ideal setting for a ghoul fest, Livingetc has visited spooky locations around the world, each with a diabolical twist.

1. Hell’s kitchen

They may be into fresh vegetables, but what’s with the array of identikit dolls lined up on the shelf? Much like those movies featuring talking mannequins (Anthony Hopkins’s Magic being a particular fave), we don’t think these little horrors are going to stay sitting down all night long. On the other side of the apartment is a guest suite complete with a smiling skeleton. That, we can take. However, the suspended glove hanging there like some kind of murderer’s trophy is giving us a serious case of goosebumps.

2. The church crypt

Sure, the cabinetry is conventional enough, but that monstrous column is the perfect spot for some eerie apparition to hide behind, then leap out just as we’re putting the finishing touches to our G&T. Similarly, the leaded window in the sitting room is just dying to be sprayed with faux spider’s web – anyone with rubber arachnids is welcome to slide them down their best friend’s neck.

3. The haunted house

Don’t be fooled by the blue sky – come nightfall, this imposing mansion takes on a dark, demented atmosphere. No part of the house is without nooks and crannies to get lost in, creaking staircases echo through the halls and each room seems to have an unwanted presence lingering from aeons ago. Hang on a sec, that statue wasn’t there before…

4. The guy whose flat’s in Dalston (but swears he lives in Tombstone)

We all know that cacti are bang-on-trend, but what gives with this mighty collection? The décor in here is so Arizona-friendly, you might think that Walter White is hiding out as a house guest. As for the dining arrangement, it seems this owner has a serious case of Eastwood envy. Just nobody mention hang ’em high, okay? Happy Halloween, y’all…

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