Lighting trends 2024 – the expert predictions for the year ahead

The best and brightest ways to light up your life this year

Open plan kitchen dining room with sputnik style pendant light
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The experts have spoken and declared the lighting trends for 2024, and we're certainly excited about the prospect of these looks taking over our interiors.

Lighting has the chance to completely transform a space and, in many cases, a light is just as important when it's not in use as it is when switched on, thanks to the power of design. Lighting trends are a great place to start to enhance a space if you're looking for a refresh, or to design an entirely new scheme around.

It's been especially interesting this year to note how many crossovers there are in these predictions with home decor trends in general, and even specific rooms of the house, like bedroom trends. This means we're looking at a perfect cohesion of trends to help us create spaces that feel complete from top to toe.

One overarching theme we're seeing that is applicable to a range of the new lighting trends is creating a mood using layers of lights.

'As we approach 2024, the cosy living trend takes centre stage in interior lighting,' explains Julian Page, head of design at BHS Lighting. 'Soft mood lighting is key in the home to wind down and relax after a long day. This can be achieved through the use of layering.'

'To create intimacy, hang a statement pendant light in the middle of the room. Not only does this create a sense of cosiness, especially when hung low, but it also acts as a statement piece. Consider adding in floor lamps as these accent lights highlight reading nooks and dark corners.'

1. Quiet luxury

Side return conservatory extension with armchair, floor lamp, and console table

(Image credit: Future PLC/Jody Stewart)

Quiet luxury was one of the biggest trends to come out of 2023, and it's now slated to be going absolutely nowhere in terms of lighting trends for the year ahead.

'Understated luxury never goes out of style and ties-in with the gentle vibe that is introduced with the use of natural materials,' says interior designer Ann Marie Cousins. 'Given that this trend is also key in fashion at the moment, I believe this will continue to gather momentum and will become one of the biggest trends of 2024.'

'Characterised by carefully curated yet understated aesthetics, with just a hint of grandeur, the trend is all about considered composure,' explains Michael Sillitoe, design manager, Nulty Bespoke. 'What these lighting pieces lack in drama, they make up for in detail.'

'Clean lines and materials are the starting principle but gain an extra facet of lavishness through thoughtful creative touches. The key to this trend is the beautiful fusion of simplicity and intricacy.'

2. Natural inspiration

Kitchen with two woven lampshades on pendant lights above island

(Image credit: Future PLC/James French)

Nature will be impacting our lighting trends for 2024 - in the shapes, colours and materials used.

'The prevalence of organic forms isn’t new in the world of decorative lighting – flowing lines and shapes are timeless and lend themselves perfectly to beautifully realised schemes where chandeliers and pendants are used to create a focal point,' explains Michael from Nulty Bespoke. 'But for 2024, the trend will truly deepen due to a growing appreciation for biophilic design and a desire to connect with the integrity of nature.'

'Embracing natural elements, this trend incorporates organic shapes, earthy tones, and materials like wood or stone in lighting design, bringing a touch of the outdoors into interior spaces,' says Mara Rypacek Miller, managing director of Industville. 'The inherent beauty and calming effect of nature-inspired lighting make it a popular choice for creating a sense of harmony and balance in a space.'

'The use of natural materials such as woven fibres, rattan, and other earthy elements will introduce an organic warmth to living areas,' adds David Amos, CEO of Amos Lighting. 'These materials not only add a characterful twist, but they also create a cosy and inviting atmosphere. Picture pendant lights with intricately woven patterns or floor lamps crafted with organic elements, each of these styles will perfectly merge the indoors with the outdoors.'

'It invites us to embrace warm earthy textures and natural organic shapes,' continues Julian from BHS. 'There is an increasing desire for lighting to looks as good switched off, as it does on and with simplicity nature, this trend does just that.'

'With elements of bubble glass, hammered metal finishes and jute string, all lighting fixtures can be displayed as a work of art. Ideal for bedrooms or living rooms, the earthy textures and muted colour palettes can evoke a sense of relaxation and comfort.'

3. Sustainability

Corner of white living room with glass wall light and ceramic table lamp

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'Consumers are opting for lighting solutions that are convenient and sustainable, both in and out of the home,' notes Guido Nattkemper, head of product at Paulmann. 'Solar lighting has gained traction as an eco-friendly alternative, especially as designs have branched out to accommodate broader, stylistic preferences, though most are modern.'

'Many consumers are gravitating towards eco-bulbs, too,' Guido continues. 'They offer an easy, sustainable swap for standard bulbs that are in lamps and products you already own. Swapping out standard bulbs for eco-bulbs lowers energy consumption by up to 60%, for up to 50 years, which can make a significant impact with energy bills short and long-term.'

It's not just energy usage that's affecting lighting trends, however. The actual materials used in the designs are seeing a change. '2024 promises to focus on energy efficient designs created with recycled materials and long-lasting sustainability in mind,' says Lee Lovett, co-founder, The Soho Lighting Company.

'I think that sustainability will continue in importance, so considering the lifespan of a light fitting, as well as how it was made is increasingly important to our clients and to the planet,' adds designer Ann Marie. 'This ties-in with the trend to use natural materials like raffia and wicker, and light fittings with these materials beautifully diffuse light, helping to create soft and welcoming interiors that we all need.'

4. Portable

Dunelm wireless rechargeable lamp on a table beside a window and some plants

(Image credit: Future/Ginevra Benedetti)

'Portable lighting is having a moment,' states Mina Bassilious, senior designer at King Living. 'Cordless designs that marry form with function can be taken outside for entertainment and moved around as needed.'

'Flexibility is also a key focus developing innovation across battery powered and plug in lamps, to allow consumers to adapt their spaces more easily and cost effectively.' adds Nicole Stollery, designer at M&S.

While most of us will be familiar with wireless table lamps, you can even now buy wireless wall lights - perfect for renters or if you don't want to commit to adding new wiring.

5. Nostalgia

Open plan kitchen dining room with sputnik style pendant light

(Image credit: Future PLC/Douglas Gibb)

'In 2024, we expect to see a nostalgic yet forward-looking mood, as design influences from the 1960s, 70s and 80s are cherry-picked and reimagined with a youthful slant,' notes Julia Barnes, head buyer at ValueLights. 'Tactile and embellished ceiling lighting will be popular as retro shapes and playful forms are used to tap into this joyful novelty in our homes.'

'From rich chocolate and caramel-coloured woods, mixed with burnt orange, rust, and terracotta hues, these colours and materials transport us back to the quirky era of the 1970’s but now with more style and finesse,' adds Julian from BHS. 'Simple lighting swaps that include glossy finishes and bold geometric shapes are key, and with the rise of domed table and floor lamps, it’s the perfect way to add some fun and style back into the home.'

'Nostalgia has been a huge influence in the way people style their interiors.' concludes Charlie Bowles, director of Original BTC. 'Social media has led to a resurgence of decade-related trends like brass fittings, unexpected pops of colour and creative shapes. Mid-century styles mixed in with modern pieces give spaces a comfortably lived-in look.'

6. Multifunctional

Dining room with row of pendant lights above table

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'Our homes are having to work harder for us than ever before, with an increase in spaces having multiple functions,' explains Piero De Marchis, director of Detail Lighting. 'From open-plan living areas to kitchen-dining zones, the trend for installing multifunctional lighting that can be adapted to suit the room as it’s being used is set to continue to rise.'

'From dim-to-warm technology to discreetly hidden accent and spotlighting, mood-enhancing lighting is set to continue to be a key consideration for 2024 and beyond, in particular in bathrooms, bedrooms and multifunctional spaces such as open-plan kitchens,' adds Piero.

'Flexibility comes in the ability to alter the ambience, as well as having several sources of light, including dimmer switches and even including lighting in the home automation are key,' agrees designer Ann Marie.

7. Table lamps

White living room with large brass table lamp behind mustard sofa

(Image credit: Future PLC/Joanna Henderson)

'For 2024, we expect to see an emphasis on table lamps - adding pockets of warm light throughout the home or making a statement with interesting materials and prints,' says Nicole from M&S.

'While stand out patterns are trending, there is also focus on core timeless pieces that will withstand changing interior looks at home, meaning classic pieces or reinvented classics are key. Colour is also an exciting way to add personality to spaces, with greens trending and adding modernity to those classic pieces.'

8. Maximalism

Oversized yellow table lamp with pink shade

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'With maximalism once again becoming popular among homeowners, we can expect to see darker tones, prints and accent lighting shining through the home,' says Julian from BHS. 'Don’t be afraid to layer large chandeliers with floor lamps and funky table lamps as with maximalism, anything goes.'

'Maximalism is all about being bold and making a statement, and with rich coloured lampshades to tropical-inspired brass lighting, more is more and opulence is key.'

9. Pastels

Dining room with gallery wall and wall and pendant lights with blue and green glass shades

(Image credit: Future PLC/Anna Stathaki)

In terms of colourways, we're seeing a soft and refreshing palette for lighting trends 2024. 'With pastel colours like soft pinks, mint, and sorbet yellows, this trend also draws inspiration from Scandinavian design through the use of mixed glass and brass finishes,' explains Julian from BHS.

'This type of lighting is perfect for brightening up kitchens and dining areas, where the soft pastel hues and pleated designs contribute to a fresh and inviting ambience.'

10. Wellness

Bedroom with wall panelling, artwork, armchair and wall light

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'Health and wellness have been a key focus for many throughout 2023 and this trend is set to continue into the new year, translated into human-centric lighting that mimics natural daylight to help regulate the natural sleep-wake cycle,' notes Lee from The Soho Lighting Company.

'By choosing a dimmable bulb a warm white colour temperature or a colour-changing LED bulb to suit your mood, a space is lit with a warmer, more organic light rather than harsh white or blue lights that can disrupt the body’s natural rhythms,' Lee explains.

'The projection and diffusion of light plays an important role in the creation of spaces that feel transcendent,' adds Julia from Value Lights. 'The transition from day to evening lighting provides an opportunity for a clean slate and a point of reflection.'

11. Hidden lighting

Green living room with industrial shelving and artwork

(Image credit: Future PLC)

'We have noticed a considerable move away from downlighting to LED and hidden lighting and believe this will continue to be a prevalent trend throughout next year,' says Piero from Detail Lighting.

'Track lighting is also becoming an increasingly popular choice, enabling homeowners to adapt and discreetly move their lighting scheme from one area to the next with ease.'

12. Craft culture

Kitchen with brass pendant lights above island

(Image credit: Future PLC)

'With craft culture set to make a statement in 2024, this trend promises to make a significant impact on interior design,' predicts Julian from BHS. 'Distinguished by the use of materials like matte black metal, satin brass, and dark walnut, it exudes a sense of artisanship and elegance.'

'Meanwhile, rough-textured, sand-blasted ceramics and recycled glass materials contribute to the overall rustic and environmentally conscious aesthetic.'

'Whether you're looking to enhance your home office's ambience or create a tasteful atmosphere in your dining area, craft inspired lighting is an ideal choice.'

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