Lighting trends 2023 - the newest lighting trends to watch out for

Here are the hottest lighting trends that will be illuminating our homes in 2023

Black steel floor lamp next to rust armchair in living room
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The predicted lighting trends for 2023 are in, and they're bigger, bolder and better than ever before. As always a new year brings the opportunity to refresh our interiors, and lighting is always a good place to start given the dramatic difference it can make in any room.

Good lighting can transform the atmosphere in our home, and subsequently impact our mood. We rely on cosy ambient lighting to help us relax in the evenings, while lights in smaller rooms make them feel more airy and spacious. Updating our lights is therefore a worthy endeavour, whether that's in one room with new kitchen lighting ideas or throughout the house all over. 

'As we move into 2023 and beyond, we will see a continuation and refinement of some existing trends, whilst others will grow in prominence as we see consumers and designers begin to turn away from other lighting trends of the past five years,' says Julian Page, Head of Design, BHS. 'Lighting will become more eclectic and unusual, as customers seek a greater level of personalisation with their choices.'

Grey green dining room with unique gold chandelier

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Whether or not you're planning on mixing up your decor next year, consider switching out some of your current lights and you'll be amazed at the difference it makes. Lighting has long since surpassed serving a merely functional purpose and is now considered a fundamental part of interior decor. 

We've asked the experts for their predictions on the hot lighting trends to watch out for in 2023, and the good news is that there's plenty of inspiration for everyone. Whether you prefer muted minimalism or vibrant chic, you'll find a trend from the list below that you can't wait to add to your home next year. 

Trend 1. Curves

Large floor lamp with curved gold stand next to small coffee table

(Image credit: The Lighting Superstore)

Accessories and furniture that embrace curves have grown in popularity this year, but experts predict that it will be curved lighting features taking centre stage in 2023. Whimsical curves can bring a softly eclectic edge to modern living room ideas, while creating balance in relation to other pieces of decor.

'Lighting has always been one of the most important elements in interior design and by placing curved table lamps around the home, the organic lines will create intimacy within the space', says Julian from BHS.

Curved lighting fixtures such as a domed floor lamp are sure to make a statement in 2023, and they're an easy way to inject some fun into a room if you feel like joining the hype. 

Trend 2. Unplugged

Orange and grey wall behind cordless table lamp with wooden stand

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It doesn't get more modern than wireless lamps, which can give you all the lighting benefits without the messy wire display. Rechargeable lamps are the perfect way of bringing light into a spot where there isn't a power point, or an area where you simply don't want a wire to take up space, so it's understandable why they're expected to boom next year. 

Cordless lamps can be used anywhere round the home, including as garden lighting for exterior atmosphere. Some designs can last for up to 8 hours before needing to be charged again, so you can rely on them to provide light over a prolonged period. 

Or if you'd like to make use of lamps you already have, opt for a smart rechargeable light bulb instead. These can screw into existing lamps, but don’t require electricity to power them. 'Rechargeable bulbs are a perfect option for wall lights that you don’t want to be wired into your wall,' says Matthew Currington, Technical Director, The Lighting Superstore. 'They offer a streamlined look but with none of the hassle.'

Trend 3. A focus on wall lighting

Neutral stone wall with sink unit, mirror and two wall lights

(Image credit: The Lighting Superstore)

Wall lights flood a large room with light, but they can serve more than a practical purpose. Fixtures with interesting design elements are set to be one of the popular lighting trends of next year, as more and more people realise the style potential of wall lights as well as their usefulness.   

Brands now offer a range of wall light designs that will create beautiful ambient lighting in any room, such as traditional brass fixtures, which will continue to be in demand over the next year. Wall lights are an especially nice feature in small hallway ideas, where they can help open up the space. 

Trend 4. Modern industrial style

Black steel floor lamp next to rust armchair in living room

(Image credit: Pooky)

With sophistication at its core, industrial style lights have always been popular. Many homeowners have created a vintage edge by adding brass wall lights and low-hanging pendants to their dining room, hallway, or kitchen. In 2023, industrial lighting trends are set to be updated, with brands creating new designs in the Modern Sleek Industrial Style.

'Modern Sleek Industrial Style moves away from the rustic elements associated with traditional industrial styles, such as wooden floors and exposed brick walls,' says Marketa Rypacek, Managing Director, Industville. 'Instead, it sees industrial-inspired light-fittings take centre stage in sleek, modern décor schemes for a more sophisticated, polished look.'

This modern twist on the industrial classic uses a less is more approach; think minimal lines and contemporary styling, with quality materials that are built to last. This lighting trend is perfect for creating an elegant, streamlined aesthetic.

Trend 5. Concrete

Table lamp with rattan shade and stone concrete stand

(Image credit: lights&lamps)

Leaning in to earthy, minimalist tones, lighting that uses effects and colours found in architecture and nature is expected to be a big craze in 2023. Lamps with stone-coloured stands play with natural contrasts and shadows to create a faux-concrete effect, and are even made with the materials we see in city buildings.

'We predict concrete to be the new hot lighting trend to watch,' says Niki Wright, Co-founder, lights&lamps. 'Our own concrete lighting designs are inspired by interior design, architecture and on occasion even landscape design. They're made with creative use of materials and form, such as perforated brickwork or satisfying topiary shapes.'

Concrete is one of the lighting trends that the minimalist in you will love; a focus on simple, understated elegance, with earthy, natural tones and textures.

Trend 6. Outdoor

Garden with round solar lights

(Image credit: The Lighting Superstore)

The best outdoor lighting solutions aren't a new phenomenon, but we can expect to see them become even more prevalent next year. Outdoor lighting can really help make the most of the space, so that you can spend time in the garden as you like without having to retreat indoors when the sun goes down.

Experts predict that consumers will be going big with their garden lighting next year. From festoon lights strung across sheds to solar lights standing in the ground, there will be emphasis on having multiple forms of lights in the garden. Try it yourself and you'll find that your spring and summer evenings have never felt more relaxing. Plus, this is one of the lighting trends you can take risks with too, as you're not limited to finding designs that complement your internal decor. A quirky table lamp would be a fun addition to your garden table for example.

Trend 7. Exaggerated scale

Neutral living room with linen diffuser floor lamp

(Image credit: lights&lamps)

Exaggerated lighting can inject some fun into home decor ideas, and many are embracing the 'bigger is better' approach when it comes to floor and ceiling lights. Domes, cones and globes will continue to be a noticeable feature in contemporary designs, and are expected to be at the forefront of lighting trends in 2023.

The exaggerated scale trend will easily turn the functional into decorative. You can join the hype by simply adding a statement floor lamp to the corner of your living room, where it's sure to be a talking point. Accentuate any lights by coordinating fixtures, as similar designs will draw the eye and create more gravitas in a room.

Trend 8. Retro

Rattan lamp shade with oak stand in oak accented room

(Image credit: Maison Maison)

Nostalgia may already have a place in your interior design, but perhaps not in your lighting fixtures. Believe it or not, the lights in your home can be a source of retro flair, and brands will be embracing this idea next year when creating new lamp shade designs.

'In 2023, we’re warming up with rich chocolate and caramel-coloured wood tones,' says Suzanne Duin, Founder, Maison Maison. 'I predict that ‘70s, European-style vintage furniture and lighting will have a firm grasp on us, and rattan and wicker will be a recurring theme into next year, continuing to bring texture and upscale warmth into our homes.’ 

Trend 9. Sculptural

Gold sculptural light with lines and multiple white bulbs in dark green panelled room

(Image credit: BHS)

 Using lighting to make a statement has been a growing trend over the past year, and this is expected to continue in 2023 through the use of sculptural lighting. Think funky chandeliers with interesting shapes and lines, oddly-shaped lamp stands and quirky shades as people embrace the weirdly wonderful.

'Accent lights with a sculptural aesthetic highlight reading nooks and dark corners, whilst acting as a piece of art when turned off,' says Julian from BHS. 'Sculptural chandeliers with their architectural form will replace glass droplets and when paired with various table, wall, and floor lamps, they'll add glamour to any room.'

Trend 10. Colour

Table lamp with green stand and pink shade in front of patterned wallpaper

(Image credit: Pooky)

Despite the prevalence of neutral earth tones in contemporary interior design, bold pops of colours are growing in popularity too, and lighting is next to be swept up in this trend. Bold colour lights and colour-changing lights will be one of the sought-after lighting trends of 2023, as more people realise the benefits of vibrancy in decor.

'Dopamine décor and the Y2K aesthetic have largely influenced future design trends, and you’ll likely see these influences in fun new ways in 2023,' predicts Matthew from The Lighting Superstore. 'The colour of the year for 2023 will be a beautiful lavender shade, so if you’d like to incorporate this trend, consider textured lamp shades or even purple-hued light bulbs.' 

White mantlepiece with LED candles and fairy lights

(Image credit: lights4fun)

'Recently there has been a focus on incorporating natural materials into design to create an organic, rustic look throughout the home', says Jo Plant, Head of Design, Pooky. 'There has been an increase in sales of wooden lamp bases, currently sitting on the top spot in terms of sales, while ceramic lamps continue to do well alongside new natural rattan designs.'

Another popular trend is an emphasis on smaller forms of lighting, such as fairy lights and LED candles. These instantly make a room feel cosier and invoke a sense of hygee.

'With LED candles and delicate fairy lights trending, we seek to uplift the understated corners of our homes, adorning shelves, side tables and mantlepieces alike with the soothing glow of warm light', says Emily Kelsey from lights4fun. 'We look to create relaxing spaces where we can retreat to with the delicate flicker of candle light, casting a soft ambient glow throughout the home.'

According to the experts, brass is still the most popular finish for light fixtures, and is expected to remain in the top spot going into 2023.

'Antique brass remains the most popular fixture material for both wall fittings and pendant chains', says Jo from Pooky. 'The tonal warmth lends itself better to complementing a range of materials, colours and styles than blackened iron, polished silver or chrome.'

Brands are now producing brass light fixtures with warmer tones, to steer clear of designs with a factory feel. 'Brass still remains a very popular finish but we are seeing a move towards a warmer tone or patina finish', says Nikki from lights&lamps. 'Polished brasses are moving towards a softer brushed brass, and antiqued and aged finishes are proving ever more popular this year.'

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