The 'contraption' Stacey Solomon uses to make her bed is a gamechanger

Tried and tested by the Ideal Home team, and we're seriously impressed

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Stacey Solomon surprises fans with the unassuming 'contraption' she uses to make her bed look hotel standard – and the best part is, you probably already have it in your wardrobe.

Making the bed in the morning is a daily ritual that makes us feel like we've got out life in order, even if that isn't necessarily always the case. The Loose Women star has previously sparked debate on how often you should change bed sheets, which she revealed was weekly so we know she takes pride in making and styling a bed.

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Stacey Solomon's coat hanger hack

Stacey took to her Instagram stories on Monday, posting a video captioned 'Make the bed with me,' where she takes us step by step in her weekly reset. In the video she writes, 'There's just something about fresh sheets 😩 usually, it's sheet day on Sunday but did nothing yesterday but play in the garden so starting the week in fresh sheets instead 🤩'

However, what fans were seriously impressed with was when she started tucking her bedding into her mattress without so much as breaking a sweat.

In a following Instagram story, Stacey said, 'Also LOADS of you asking what contraption I use to tuck my bedding in with. It's just a wooden clothes hanger 😂 I've been doing that for years it makes it SO tight & I never have to iron or break a nail 😂🙏'

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A while back on Fearne Cotton's podcast Happy Place, Stacey Solomon revealed that this hack came about because she loves getting her nails done and tucking the bedding in was always her 'nail nemesis.'

But now, she uses the end of a coat hanger to squash the edges of the duvet down the side of the bed.

'I get a hard, wooden coat hanger and I lay the duvet across [the bed], and then use the hanger to shove it right down the sides of the mattress,' she explains. 'And it pulls it so tight that it looks like it's been ironed and my nails are safe.'

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I wanted to try the hack out but didn't have a wooden clothes hanger on me, so just used a plastic one and it didn't disappoint. Honestly, I think it's genius, especially as someone who also likes getting their nails done and doesn't want to get in the nitty-gritty of the bedframe.

Black plastic coat hanger tucking in bedding

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The hack works really well and makes it look like a professional job that's hotel standard. However, if your bed frame is painted, take care not to scratch the paintwork as you push the coat hanger down into the gap.

This is definitely going to be a new addition to my routine every time I change my bedsheets and make my bed because of how ridiculously easy it is. Fair play, Stacey.

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