Stacey Solomon's unusual coat hanger hack for making the bed is a game changer

Tried and tested by the Ideal Home team, and we're seriously impressed

Making the bed in the morning is a daily ritual that makes us feel like we've got our life in order. Stacey Solomon has shared a brilliant coat hanger hack for making the bed, and we're never going back.

Now we know about it, we'll be showing this trick off next time we have guests staying over. It looks ridiculously neat and takes no time to do.

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Speaking on Fearne Cotton's podcast Happy Place, the Loose Women host and author of Tap to Tidy: Organising, Crafting & Creating Happiness in a Messy World (opens in new tab)explained the hack.


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Fearne said, 'I'd never heard of this before, but one technique you have to make your bed (opens in new tab) look neat is to get a coat hanger and run it along the side to get the duvet (opens in new tab) tucked in.'

'This came about because I love getting my nails done. Sometimes I like them super long, and I don't want to ruin them,' Stacey says. 'There are so many household chores that just ruin your nails. Tucking the bedding in was my nail nemesis.'

Stacey Solomon's coat hanger hack

'I can't bear to iron and certainly don't want to be ironing bedding. It doesn't even fit on the ironing board (opens in new tab), you know what I mean?' the mum of three said. 'So by the time you've ironed one bit and you've folded it over, it's creased again.'

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Instead, she uses the end of a coat hanger to squash the edges of the duvet down the side of the bed.

'I get a hard, wooden coat hanger and I lay the duvet across [the bed], and then use the hanger to shove it right down the sides of the mattress (opens in new tab),' she explains. 'And it pulls it so tight that it looks like it's been ironed and my nails are safe.'

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We tried the hack ourselves and have to admit we were seriously impressed. The hack works really well and makes it look like a professional job. However, if your bed frame is painted, take care not to scratch the paintwork as you push the coat hanger down into the gap.

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However, we aren't the only fans of this clever hack. 'To me, that is a hotel standard bed,' said podcast host Fearne. 'That's changed my life!'

So grab your hanger and get that bed looking hotel perfect!

Millie Hurst
Millie Hurst

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