The Serpent on BBC One sparks revival of these surprising 70s decor trends

No avocado bath suites in sight

We watched The Serpent on BBC One in our millions, making it the most-watched show since Normal People. The true crime drama, based on French murderer Charles Sobhraj and set in the 1970s, has seemingly sparked a revival of the nostalgic decor of its era.

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'This season's hero materials channel the retro charm currently seen all over the catwalk and in fashionable shows like BBC One's The Serpent,' says Rachael Fell, Buying Manager for Furniture at Habitat.

With Google searches for '70s home decor' up 133% according to Terrys Fabrics, it once again goes to show that what you see on the catwalk - or TV - ends up on the cushions. From houseplants to lighting, these are the 70s home decor trends that the series is bringing back to our living rooms.

Bold patterns

bold patterns leaf patterns of irish fashion designer

(Image credit: Terrys Fabrics)

In the wake of the hit series, we're searching online more frequently for 'patterned blinds'. Plus, there has been a 22% rise in search for queen of prints 'Orla Kiely'.

The signature leaf patterns of the Irish fashion designer are modern classics. But we wonder if our new penchant for pattern reflects a more maximalist approach as we decorate our homes for ourselves rather than visitors.

Burnt orange

burnt orange tone of colour wheel

(Image credit: Future PLC/Dominic Blackmore)

Burnt orange is also having a moment, with searches up by around 50%. Orange and green are of course synonymous with the 70s, and we're big fans of this rich, warm tone of the colour wheel.


rattan balance sleek lines with a rustic and natural aesthetic

(Image credit: Habitat)

We don't think we'll ever tire of rattan, but it appears that it's getting more love than ever following The Serpent. 'We've recently seen a huge spike in searches for rattan (+3,000%). It's a 70s staple favoured for its ability to balance sleek lines with a rustic, natural aesthetic,' says Habitat Buying Manager Rachael Fell.


bamboo is another iconic 70s material

(Image credit: Future PLC/Jake Curtis)

Bamboo is another iconic 70s material that's on the rise. Habitat has noted continued demand for 'textured upholstery' like bamboo, as well as bouclé, corduroy, and quilting.

'We're expecting high demand throughout spring as these tactile materials convey casual comfort, playing into the increasingly popular interiors trend.'

The cheese plant

cheese plant favourite among houseplant

(Image credit: Next)

A firm favourite among houseplant lovers, the easy-to-look-after cheese plant was big in the 70s and isn't going anywhere.

Sputnik lights

sputnik lights stylish contemporary schemes today

(Image credit: Habitat)

Sputnik lights were big news in the 70s and are still seen in stylish, contemporary schemes today. The angular light fixture is great for creating ambient light in a living room.

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Will you be getting in the 70s groove?

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