The top trending gifts for Christmas 2018 revealed – are they on your wish list?

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  • Etsy reveals the gifts topping wish lists this year

    There are still 15 valuable shopping days left before Christmas! If you’ve made your list you might want to check it twice to make sure these trending gifts have made the cut.

    Etsy, the online marketplace, has revealed the top gifting trends shaping the way we shop for Christmas 2018.

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    The top gifts trending this Christmas

    trending gifts

    Image credit: Polly Wreford

    Nostalgia is big for gifts right now, with high search volumes indicating our love for all things retro. From vintage toys to traditional games, this Christmas is all about the things that remind us of childhood celebrations.

    1. The new selfie

    trending gifts

    You heard it here first, selfies are out – this Christmas it’s all about Custom illustrations! Personalised portraits are the ultimate gift – perfect for family, friends and pets. Etsy has seen a 23 per cent rise in searches related to ‘custom portraits’.

    Pet and family portraits are especially popular, with ‘pet portraits’ spiking 51 per cent and ‘family portraits’ up a whopping 93 per cent in the past three months alone.

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    2. Faux plants

    trending gifts

    What better gift than a plant you can’t kill?! It’s largely the reason we’ve became a nation of plant people.

    Etsy reveals a 41 per cent spike in searches related to ‘faux plants’. While plants are a popular trend, many of us have discovered we’re not quite as green fingered as we’d like. Don’t let that deter you – from cactus candles, pillows, and other faux options there’s a plant related gift for all. It’s never been easier to embrace greenery in our lives, without having to worry about over-watering and killing them with kindness.

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    3. Unplugged activities

    trending gifts : board games

    Image credit: James Gardiner

    Remember playing board games for hours on end as a child? Those days are making a welcome return. So far this year, Etsy has seen over 7,300,000 searches related to ‘games’. It’s also revealed over 377,000 searches related to ‘DIY’. It’s nice to see, in a modern world, that shoppers are rebelling against too much tech – opting for quality time over screen time.

    4. Modern heirlooms

    trending gifts

    Etsy sellers are helping shoppers cherish memories, old and new with modern heirlooms. From personalised recipe accessories to modern family trees thoughtful family gifts are on the up. Searches related to ‘family heirlooms’ have skyrocketed 1,607 per cent in the pat three months alone (July to September).

    Buy now: Chopping Board Personalised with loved ones handwriting, £35, Messy Merlin at Etsy

    5. Whimsical animals

    trending gifts

    Mystical unicorns and mermaids have taken over of late, but it’s becoming more about realistic (yet still exotic) creatures. Narwhals are the unlikely new hero, seeing an increase of 16 per cent so far this year. Other favourites include llamas and sloths.

    Etsy has seen over 1,456,000 searches related to ‘llamas’ this year, an 289 per cent increase for related gifts. Searches for  much-loved ‘sloths’ are up 19 per cent in the same period. From jewellery to ceramics, shoppers can find these whimsical animals decorating gifts galore.

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    Based on a recent survey, 86 per cent would prefer to give a gift than receive one.

    The independent sellers on Etsy offer creative and thoughtful ideas to help shoppers become the best gift-givers of the season.

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