A new study reveals the Valentines gift we really want from our other half this year

...and it's not flowers

Valentine's Day 2021 is just around the corner, and it seems that after a year of lockdowns, we're happy to forgo traditional gifts of chocolates and roses, and just want our partner to do the washing up.

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According to a study by ethical cleaning company Bio-D, we're so tired of keeping the house tidy that if our loved one was to clean the house without being asked, we'd literally be floored by their love. Plus find them more attractive.

Forget romantic dinners, spa weekends or dramatic gestures, the way to our hearts this Valentine’s Day is, apparently, a sparkling clean home. Bio-D's survey has shown that over three-quarters of us would appreciate our other half cleaning unprompted. Who knew washing the dishes was the key to our hearts?

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One in ten would like their other half to clean the house as a ‘gift’ on February 14th. With washing the dishes topping the list of cleaning jobs we appreciate our partner doing the most (46%). It was closely followed by giving the kitchen a good once over and cleaning the windows.

The research also showed that 38% of people would like their partner to clean more in general, with those in the Greater London area agreeing most with the statement.

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42% of women agreed that they would like their partners to clean more, compared to 33% of men, suggesting that traditional gender roles still influence who does the lion's share. Similarly, 43% of women said that they have to clean things again after their partner because they don’t do a good enough job, compared to 32% of men.

Those surveyed in Wales wanted their partner to clean the windows and those in the North East want the surfaces wiped down, but the overwhelming majority just want the dishes washed.

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Bio-D’s research was inspired by self-confessed cleaning and organising enthusiast Stacey Solomon, whose fiancé Joe Swash often makes an appearance on the star’s Instagram cleaning the couple’s windows.

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Millie Hurst
Millie Hurst

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