Which Wilko stores are closing? Wilko announces it is shutting 15 stores across the UK

Everything you need to know about the Wilko store closures
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  • Wilko has confirmed that it is planning to close 15 of its stores this year across the UK. The last year has been tough for the high street, and the firm, based in Worksop said the decision came about because a number of store leases were due to end.

    Wilko has long been one of our favourite shops to indulge in the biggest home decor trends on a budget. The first of the 15 stores affected will start to close their doors next month in February.

    Is Wilko closing down?

    Wilko is not closing down for good, so don’t fear there is still going to be somewhere for you to invest in budget kitchen ideas in 2022. Wilko has said that 11 of the 15 stores affected will have an alternative Wilko within five miles.

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    Wilko has also said that some stores could remain open if a lease can be agreed upon. The company has also stressed that the closures will not affect new store openings and any stores that are due to be relocated.

    ‘We’ll continue to pull together to make our business better to secure the future of over 16,000 team members. We’ll be doing everything we can to support our affected team members who will be offered any available positions in nearby stores.

    ‘We apologise to those communities where stores are closing but will continue to offer them everything they need in nearby stores or via wilko.com.’

    Which Wilko stores are closing?

    • Shipley
    • Bournemouth
    • Stockton
    • The Fort (Birmingham)
    • Scunthorpe
    • Narborough Road (Leicester)
    • Grantham
    • Redditch
    • Rotherham
    • Skegness
    • Sutton Coldfield
    • Edmonton Green
    • Llanelli
    • Merthyr Tydfil
    • Cleethorpes

    When are the Wilko stores closing?

    The store’s closures are due to start in February with the Shipley, Bournemouth, Stockton and The Fort (Birmingham). The Scunthorpe store will close in March, followed by Narborough Road (Leicester) in April, and Grantham and Redditch in May.

    In June Redditch, Rotherham and Skegness will close their doors, followed by Edmonton Green in July, Llanelli in August, Merthyr Tydfil in September and Cleethorpes in October.

    grey paint on alchove

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    Roger Jenkins, GMB national officer has called the closures another ‘nail in the High Street’s coffin’

    ‘These closures are devastating for Wilko workers and the communities who use them,’ he told the BBC. ‘It’s yet another nail in the High Street’s coffin and GMB calls on councils and landlords to review commercial leases and offer lower rents.

    ‘Empty high streets and shopping centres are in no one’s interest and but with 400 shops a week closing, this is inevitable, unless the costs of premises can be reduced.’

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