Why you should never paint your home office with this on-trend colour

A psychologist reveals how to decorate your working from home space to boost productivity

Staying productive and motivated when working from home can be a challenge, however, your choice of paint colour could help. A psychologist has revealed the worst colour to paint a home office, and the best to boost productivity and concentration.

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MyJobQuote.co.uk teamed up with Lee Chambers a psychologist to uncover the best colours to surround yourself with when working from home. Sadly it is bad news for this season's on-trend neutrals.

Worst colour to paint a home office

In a survey, the public voted for white, beige and grey as the most popular colours for painting their home office. But while Brave Ground might be the Dulux Colour of the year, it is not the best colour to paint your working from home space.

home office with white chair and wall with desk

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Neutral colours according to a study can induce a feeling of depression and sadness. 'Interestingly, a University of Texas study concluded that offices without a splash of colour, especially those in neutral white, grey and beige tended to induce some sad and depressive feelings, especially for those identifying as female,' explains Lee.

If you are looking to boost your productivity at home, a blue shade could be the way to go. 'Blue is known as the official colour of productivity,' says Lee. 'It promotes calm concentration and emotional balance that helps to keep you in a state of flow.'

home office with teal colour wall and white desk

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However, be sure not to overdo it, as too much blue can leave you too relaxed. To avoid this, Lee suggests adding some warm colour accents.

You can get the turbocharged benefits of blue by opting for a Turquoise shade points out Lee. 'Turquoise has been identified as finding a balance between blue and green. Taking benefits of each and having been shown in office environments to improve decision making and creative communication.'

home office with yellow wall and desk and chair

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But if you are looking to give your creativity a boost, yellow could be the best colour for you. 'Yellow is seen as the colour of creativity and is often used in innovation labs and creative spaces,' comments Lee. It can also help with information retention as a bonus.

Consider introducing the shade into your home office as a feature wall or colour accents on your desk.

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Does your home office need a colour update?

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