The worst habits of Christmas house guests are revealed!

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  • Will your home be full of visiting relatives this Christmas? You might want to read this to prepare yourself for the little things that are most likely to cause irritation...

    Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year – when family and friends come to stay to laugh, love, drink and be merry! It can also be a time when even the little things can start to cause great irritation once festive spirits starts to wear off.

    A national survey of 100o adults, carried out by California Shutters, reveals what we REALLY think about our guests to staying over the Christmas period. From using phones at the dinner table to hogging the Wi-Fi, all the worst habits of Christmas house guests have been exposed!

    Using the phone for social media status’ or otherwise is a big no no generally when in company, particularity when at the Christmas dinner table it would appear as this topped the poll, with 49 per cent of those asked considering this to be particularly rude guest behaviour.

    Perhaps rather surprisingly, guests not removing their shoes at the front door – long considered bad guest behaviour – did not as score highly, with only 12 per cent citing this as one of their  irritations with Christmas house guests. Can you guess the rest?

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    worst habits of Christmas house guests

    Classic Wood Shutters in Pearl custom colour paint, from £159m2 by California Shutters

    Here are the Top 10 Most Annoying Habits of Christmas House Guest

    1. Being on their phone at the dinner table or when socialising – 49 per cent
    2. Overstaying their welcome – 45 per cent
    3. Snooping in bedrooms without permission – 34 per cent
    4. Pointing out faults with the house – 31 per cent
    5. Being fussy about food and drink – 30 per cent
    6. Being untidy – 29 per cent
    7. Helping themselves to food without asking – 14 per cent
    8. Asking for the WiFi password straight after arriving – 13 per cent
    9. Not removing shoes at the door – 12 per cent
    10. Noisily going to the bathroom late at night – 12 per cent

    worst habits of Christmas house guests-California-Shutters

    California Shutters

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    It is the most wonderful time of the year, so try not to let any of these little things spoil your cheery Christmas spirit.

    *California Shutters surveyed over 1,000 adults from across the UK

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