Calling all Hinchers! Zoflora has just released their festive fragrances

...and they smell sooo good

If you are on the lookout for a festive treat for the main Hincher in your life then we have the perfect thing. Zoflora has just launched the Zoflora Christmas scents.

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Mrs Hinch's favourite disinfectant has been bought out three festive fragrances just in time for winter. The scents are back by popular demand from fans and have proved extremely popular in the past.

Zoflora Christmas fragrances

Like all Zoflora products, the Zoflora Christmas fragrances have been created by expert perfumers. They promise to offer long-lasting, odour eliminating fragrances, perfect for keeping your kitchen and floors smelling delicious and Christmas-y this festive season.

kitchen disinfectant fragrances

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There is also the added bonus that the disinfectants aren't just sweet-smelling but effective. Zoflora uses a 3 in 1 action that claims to kill 99.9 per cent of bacteria and viruses, perfect for this time of year as colds and flu are doing the rounds.

The three Zoflora Christmas fragrances include Cranberry and Orange, Winter Morning and Warm Cinnamon.

Cranberry and Orange is a fruity scent. It has bursts of citrusy orange that will always ignite memories of digging in the bottom of your stocking for a satsuma or cracking open Terry's chocolate orange.

Warm Cinnamon is a subtle and delicious scent, featuring a bouquet of spicy cinnamon, aromatic cloves and just a dash of sweet vanilla. If your Christmas memories involve hanging out in the kitchen, hovering near a vat of mulled wine, then this is the scent for you.

kitchen disinfectant fragrances

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Buy in-store: Concentrated Disinfectant, £1.48, Zoflora

Winter Morning is a crisp scent. It is designed to invoke that December morning smell when you step out the front door and hear the crunch of frosted-over morning dew underfoot. The fragrance is a blend of sweet apple and cool mint, with a woody vanilla base.

Zoflora can be diluted and used all over the house. It is particularly good for cleaning and scenting rubbish bins or drains.

Costing £1.48, the Zoflora festive fragrances are only available for a limited time only and hit the shelves of Morrisons, B&M and Home Bargains this month.

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We won't judge if you swipe up all three festive scents.

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