Boot room storage ideas to calm down the clutter

Learn how to maximise space to make your boot room an organised oasis

Built in storage holding wicker baskets, boots and shoes
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As much as we love these spaces, without the right boot room storage ideas in place, your area designed to curb the everyday messes might actually be doing more harm than good.

In fact, as much as we love a good storage solution in just about any space, few can benefit from careful organisation as much as your existing, or planned, boot room ideas

Having a dedicated space, where everything has its own place that greet you as soon as you step foot in the door is extremely satisfying. Especially if you’re fed up with shoes under the bed, hats and gloves crammed in nooks and crannies and wellies being forced to live in the car for lack of another home. 

Rachal Hutcheson, national retail manager at Sharps explains that our ever-growing need for storage has helped fuel the current boot room boom. 'Maximising every inch of space is an important issue for most homes, especially for large and busy families. Living with practical and accessible storage is key and there has been a growing demand for boot rooms and cloakrooms.'

Boot room storage ideas

Vicky Silverthorn, from the professional organising company, You Need A Vicky explains that not planning your outerwear storage correctly will lead to clutter. She told us, 'In most homes when shoes and boots and coats are stored in passageways they usually overspill and create a messy look.'

But for these spaces to really perform to their fullest potential, careful planning and designing of the boot room storage ideas included are vital. 

1. Make your built-ins sleek and chic

Boot room with green built in cabinetry, seating and dog bed

(Image credit: Benchmarx)

If you’re having your boot or utility room built from scratch, spend extra time on the plans because although the practicality of the space is vital, having lots of storage solutions packed into one area can quickly make it feel cluttered and busy.

'There is much that can be done to ensure a boot room flows as a chic extension of the main rooms, and provides a multitude of usable features to keep your space looking streamlined and tidy,' explains Ruth Lavender, a design expert at Benchmarx Kitchens.

Think about implementing a simple colour scheme, have as much storage hidden as possible and go for a cohesive approach to accessories.

2. Fake it with a well-designed cupboard

Monochrome standalone coat storage in hallway

(Image credit: Future PLC)

If a dedicated boot room is your dream, but space just won’t allow for it, get smart with your hallway storage ideas and introduce a hard-working cupboard or bench tree to fake the look instead. Ruth suggests, 'A set of cabinets strategically placed in your hallway or porch can work just as well, and become a feature of the hallway whilst looking more purposeful than a set of hooks for hanging coats.'

3. Make use of vertical space

Built in storage holding wicker baskets, boots and shoes

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When it comes to boot room storage ideas, it’s important to utilise every inch of the space, from top to bottom. If you’re having the storage fitted bespoke, make sure all cabinetry goes right up to the ceiling with no gaps. 

If you’re putting together your own boot room with a variety of furniture pieces, look for cubbies and boxes that fit atop cupboards and make use of wall space with hooks and shelving so you can work in even the smallest of small utility rooms.

4. Work baskets and boxes into the design

Built in vertical shoe and basket storage

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Storage cupboards are great, but for a real organisational masterpiece, specific storage for small items is also needed to be integrated into your utility room design. Think about adding matching wicker baskets to house handbags and kid’s school backpacks. 

Include boxes for your bags for life or boot room cleaning cloths and supplies. And don’t forget somewhere to store wet umbrellas. The key here is keeping your boot room clutter-free, with a special place for everything to go.

5. Include space for hidden compartments

Utility/boot room with cabinetry, sink and shoe storage

(Image credit: Future PLC/Paul Raeside)

Whilst traditionally a boot room is designed to house your outerwear and shoes, with some clever planning it can be so much more and help you avoid utility room design mistakes. Put our boot room storage ideas to good use by including areas for household must-haves. 'Include organisational features to make life feel more efficient,' echoes Rachal from Sharps.

Think about including a sink, a hidden laundry basket so you can throw muddy jackets and wet socks in right away, as well as somewhere for a mop to clean up muddy footprints in a hurry.

6. Have space for man’s best friend

Utility/boot room with built in dog bath

(Image credit: LochAnna)

Sara Seymour, Senior Designer at kitchen company Et Lorem says that in recent years the company has 'seen an increase in the need for dog washing facilities.' Which isn’t much of a surprise since rainy season in the UK seems to last longer and longer each year, so your beloved pooch is more likely to come in filthy than clean after a good walk. 

Having a specific area to clean up your pup and then a bed for them to get cosy in afterward would be a fabulous boot room addition.

7. Don’t trade style for practicality

Boot room with built in green storage for coats, shows and drawers

(Image credit: Sharps)

When putting together your boot room storage ideas, don’t forget about injecting some style. 'Add decorative accents to enhance the space, making it look and feel considered when it comes to design,' suggests Rachal from Sharps. 'Coloured panelling, statement handles, and tiled utility room flooring will help elevate any space.'

If you have a lot of cabinetry, it’s also worth thinking about having interior lighting installed professionally but for a quick and practical fix that still looks stylish, adhesive motion sensor battery lights are a great option. Also, don’t shy away from beautiful textiles in this heavy foot traffic area, just make sure they’re hardy and machine washable. 

8. Go for a storage bench

Built in bench and storage area with panelling

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When planning the space, don’t forget somewhere to sit to pull off your wellies and rest your weary legs. As with all of these boot room storage ideas, making each item work hard is paramount given the storage demands of the room. So be sure to go for a bench that includes space to store items such as blankets or extra accessories.

9. Keep clutter hidden

Close up of green storage unit

(Image credit: Sharps)

 If you don’t want every surface of your boot room to be cluttered with items, consider going for smart storage solutions for small spaces that can house all the little things that never seem to have a dedicated space.  We’re talking keys, dog leads, sunnies and hats – give them a home when designing the room.

10. Consider your shoe storage

Close of of green shoe storage area

(Image credit: Sharps)

From sandals and flip flops to knee highs and wellies, a well thought out boot room caters to them all. By making sure there are different sized cubbies, boxes or strands for all sizes of footwear, your space will look sleek and organised.


Where should a boot room be?

A boot room can be at any entry point that takes you from the outside to the inside of the house. It could be part of your front door porch or in the hallway. Or you could build out a boot room to the rear of the house, making your backdoor the entry you use after muddy walks. 

What goes in a boot room?

Your boot room can house any number of things. Though traditionally it is used for outerwear and shoes, if designed well you can have extra storage for household items such as laundry baskets, mops and brushes and spaces for summer and winter hats, umbrellas, backpacks, bike helmets and sports gear, pet items and shopping must-haves like your bags for life. 

Professional organiser Vicky Silverthorn explains more about what boot rooms should be used to house. 'When you have children, before you know it, this space will have different functions. For example, if they are young they may not need as much sporting equipment as when they are in secondary school.'

'It’s good to think ahead when it comes to planning out the room. Think about what you need the room for rather than just looking at picture for inspiration. Practicality is key!'

How do I keep my boot room clean?

If you’re clever when compiling your boot room storage items, everything should have a place to go, making cleaning the area very straight-forward. Keep a mob handy for mud, make sure all textiles are machine washable and regularly pull out the shoe storage to vacuum away dirt and dust.