Designer Spotlight: Ben de Lisi’s designer apartment for Debenhams

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  • In this video Ben de Lisi, a Designer at Debenhams shows the fantastic open-plan apartment he has styled at the Cheval Three Quays hotel in the City of London. Part of an exclusive collaboration between Debenhams and Cheval Three Quays, the designer apartment is open to the public who can stay there at a reduced rate. Ben gave us an exclusive look at the apartment before it opened and talked us through his new collection for Debenhams. “Cheval Three Quays is a richly designed hotel – the finish is very beautiful. The attention to detail is flawless, but it is also very neutral. It was therefore important for me as a designer to imprint plenty of personality on it. I put the collection together based on this stripe – you’ll see it in these storage tins, tea towels, cushions and bathroom mats. It’s all very colourful, but it all links together – there is a synergy between the collection.” “My lighting tends to be very ambient lighting –or lighting that is more sculptural hence I did the ‘love’ light and the ‘star’ light.” “The customer that buys Ben de Lisi home furnishings is not a customer that is shy. She’s not looking for a white bed, he’s not looking for a white bed, he wants a bed that sends a message, makes you think and is fun. This bed features a text print. It has ‘your side’ and ‘my side’ cushions on it, which is fun and cute, without being juvenile.” “I love anything to do with the dogs because they are very close to my heart. We have Noah and Tia and Luca on cushions, mugs and salt and pepper shakers.” “My own sense of style is to layer things – layered, rich and eclectic.” “For me the key trend is handmade, all about artisan stuff. I want my crockery and bowls to have that hand-thrown, hand glazed look, slightly worm and slightly touched. There is a lot more to the collection, but the apartment had to be very cohesive to send the right message.”

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