Designer Spotlight: Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen at the Ideal Home Show

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  • We head to the Ideal Home Show 2016 to speak to TV personality and designer, Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen.

    Laurence explains that he has come up with a new concept at the show called Home Truths, which encourages people to share photographs of rooms they are really proud of.

    “Come to the show and as a team we’ll have a look at what works and what doesn’t. It’s basically a design consultation and bearing in mind, these types of design consultations I normally charge about £42,000 for… So this is a serious bargain that is only available to you if you come to the Ideal Home Show.”

    Speaking about what he’s been up to, Laurence says: “I’ve just got back from the Philippines, I’ve been working in China for 3 years. We’ve just opened our 18th store in China. I am now also on, their third biggest retail site. The big news is that we’ve just launched in House of Fraser in China so the House of Laurence will be the homes brand in the House of Fraser stores in China. I’m also launching in Malaysia and the Philippines later on in the year.”

    “I’m bored of people saying to me they are cross with me for all the TV I am making in Asia and not doing anything over here. I’ve come back with a new concept which is a surprise and a delight. It’s very much underwraps, but it is makeover back and makeover bad.”

    Laurence lives in a series of 17th century manor houses in the Cotswold’s and he has a barn, which, he is currently doing up. “The problem is time – as I am in Asia a lot. We’re not quite living in caravans, but we’re living out of boxes and I am forever trying to find a pair of socks!

    Ideal Home loves.... (Video)