How to use colour: The colour wheel

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    Choosing colour can be a challenge, take a look at our explainer videos to help you plan the perfect colour scheme.

    What is the colour wheel?

    Interior designers fan out a spectrum of coloured swatches into a ‘wheel’, that displays primary (red, yellow, blue), secondary (green, orange, purple) and tertiary (blue-purple, blue-green, yellow-green, yellow-orange, red-purple) colours. How to use the colour wheel

    Using this simple tool, you can put together three types of schemes:

    TONAL schemes use different tones of the same colour.

    HARMONIOUS schemes use colours that are immediately next to one another on the colour wheel.

    CONTRASTING schemes use colours that are directly opposite one another on the colour wheel.Tips: When putting together a colour palette, ensure you use 70% of the dominant colour, 20% of the secondary colour and 10% of the accent colour.

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