Sophie Conran's christmas dining table video

Sophie Conran’s Christmas: A white and gold table

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  • Sophie Conran invites us into her London flat to show you how to create a stylish white and gold table setting

    Ever wondered how top British designer Sophie Conran decorates her home at Christmas? Take a look at her wonderful festive table setting for decorating inspiration and more…

    Hello, I’m Sophie Conran and I’m a designer. Welcome to my London flat. Today I’m going to be showing you a white and gold place setting and how you can get the look at home.

    For the table setting I’ve used this magnificent crown. It’s actually a tree topper, but I think it looks fantastic. There are some scented candles, which are not too strong because you don’t want them to overpower, but they look lovely with the accents of gold.

    For the white things, to complement the plates, which I’ve designed with Port Meirion, I’ve got these charming churches and houses made of porcelain. With them sit ‘Bossy Bertha’ and ‘Magnificent Martha’, which have tea lights in them.

    I’ve also got some fir cones, which have been sprayed white – very easy to do – and I’ve got white linen napkins, extra large, and have put a bow around them with these very cute little acorns twinkling away.

    Lastly, for the place names, I’ve used tiny little crackers and got a stamp set and printed each one with the person’s name.

    I hope you like it. Happy Christmas!

    March 2006 saw the launch of Sophie’s hugely successful range with Portmeirion. The range has won many prestigious awards and is now sold in 33 countries with the range ever expanding.

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