The £20 Challenge: Lincolnshire International Antiques & Home Show

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  • In this episode Laurie and Emily from Style at Home Magazine take the train from London to the Lincolnshire Showground Antiques & Home Show. The ladies have £20 to find a bargain and transform their purchase into something beautiful for their home.
    The Lincolnshire International Antiques and Home Show is a huge event that takes place over 2 days once every few months. It features over 3,000 inside and outside stalls and has unlimited space for dealers to display their items. Let’s hope the ladies can hunt down some great bargains!
    Once at the show Laurie’s got her eye on some vintage tea cups, but after a quick look around she can only find a set (which will be far too expensive with their budget)Later on, the ladies spot some old apple and drinks crates which they think they can transform relatively easily. “You could paint it, wax it, wallpaper the inside”, both Laurie and Emily have plenty of ideas, but now they need to turn their ideas into reality.Follow our new series, The £20 Challenge, to see how Laurie and Emily get on hunting down a bargain and turning it into something beautiful for the home. But how will their day’s shopping at one of Europe’s largest antiques fairs go? Will they find items in their budget? And how will their transform their buys once they get them back to the office? Watch to find out more…
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