Which colour should I use?

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  • Watch our colour video to find out what hue would be best for your decorating scheme.

    Red: An exciting colour. Red has a physical effect, raising the pulse and activating our fight or flight instinct. It’s lively, stimulating and powerful. Use it in a bedroom to spice up your love life.

    Blue: A cool, serene colour that stimulates clear thought and calms the mind, aiding concentration. Use this colour in a home working space beside your desk to help you focus

    Green: A restful refreshing colour in the middle of the spectrum so makes us feel balanced. In nature, green indicates water so we are reassured by green on a primitive level. Try it in your bathroom to create a restorative space.

    Orange: A warm comforting colour that focuses the human mind on food and shelter. Try it in the dining room – it’s used on food packaging because it’s thought to stimulate the appetite.

    Purple: A luxurious, spiritual colour that encourages deep contemplation and meditation. Try it in a cosy bedroom or living room for a dreamy space where you can relax and reflect.

    Yellow: a cheery, optimistic colour. It is a strong colour that can lift our spirits and self-esteem. Use it in your main living areas for a happy family home.

    White: Pure, clean, simple – white is a reflection of all the colours and it gives a heightened perception of space. Use white in a small space to make it feel larger such as a cloakroom or hall.

    Black: A sophisticated by very heavy hue, black is all colours totally absorbed. It’s an absence of light. It’s elegant, recessive and does not attract attention. Try it in your dining room for a refined, glamorous look

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