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  • If you’re struggling to see your hall floor under the mountain of footwear, or your shoe collection could give Carrie Bradshaw a run for her money, you’ll know that some good shoe storage ideas are essential.

    ‘Give a woman the right shoes and she can conquer the world…’ said someone famous, at some point. But while we focus so much on the shoes we buy, the art of storing them can often be neglected.

    A swamp of footwear around the front door might be a convenient option for your wellies or grubby walking boots, but it’s no place for your best pair of heels or dress shoes.

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    Shoes storage isn’t just about avoiding potential trip hazards, but also keeping your shoes in tip top condition. You wouldn’t leave your clothes crumpled on the floor, so why leave your best shoes smooshed together where the dog/cat/sticky fingered child can get to them?

    Whether you are looking to get your family’s shoes in order in a hallway, or create an eye-catching display of your very best heels, we have shoe storage ideas for you. It doesn’t matter whether you are negotiating a tiny hall way or small bedroom, we’ll ‘shoe’ you clever tips and tricks to stow away your collection of boots, trainers and ballet pumps.

    1. Invest in a slimline shoe storage cabinet

    hallway storage 1

    Image credit: Dominic Blackmore

    These slim shoe cabinets are perfect for keeping shoes tidied away in a small hallway. Each one flips open to provide space for you to slip a couple of pairs of shoes in.

    The added bonus of this clever cabinet is that it also doubles as a hall table where you’re family can  balance a cup of tea as they pull their shoes on for work, or fling down their keys at the end of the day.

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    Image credit: TI Media

    Another great thing about a modular system like this one, is that you can arrange as many cabinets as you need in the best configuration for you. This grid of nine is ideal for a bigger family.

    2. Store wellies in wooden crates

    Shoe storage

    Image credit: Tim Young

    Wellingtons and other boots can be quite tricky to store due to their height and tendency to topple over. In this room, the wellies wouldn’t fit under the shoe storage space under the hall bench. However, to keep all the shoes in one place, they have been stored in rustic old crates under the hall table.

    Not only will this stop them falling over, it will also stop cakes of mud covering the hallway. Most people’s natural instinct would be to hide the wellies in such a lovely hallway, but combined with the crates, we think they make a lovely feature in the room.

    3. Build in a bench shoe station

    Berkshire village house

    Image credit: Polly Eltes

    For a smart take on shoe storage, get a local carpenter to build you a bespoke bench that sits next to the front door. The lid can lift off to reveal oodles of space for trainers, wellies and boots, then pop back on so you have somewhere to sit and pop them on or off.

    4. Add photos to shoe boxes

    Smart ways to store your shoes

    Image credit: Paul Raeside

    Stack shoes that you don’t wear that often out of the way in boxes at the top of the wardrobe. Make life easier by printing out a photo of your shoes and sticking it to the front of the shoebox so that you can clearly see which pair is in which box.

    5. Stack a growing shoe collection on shelves

    Shoe storage 11

    Image credit: Jon Day

    We know at the moment we’re all supposed to my embracing the Marie Kondo method and clearing out our clothes and shoes, but it’s an inevitable fact that most women’s and men’s  shoe collections grow as they get older.

    This style of shelving unit is perfect for storing a growing shoe collections. If your shoes soon overwhelm all five shelves, simply roll it along and add another shelving unit.

    If you aren’t keen on the height of these shelves, you can also stick to adding in small shoe racks that you can build on.

    6. Display kids shoes as part of an outfit


    Image: TI Media

    In this cute kid’s room, outfits become a feature, not something hidden behind cupboard doors. New shoes are displayed neatly in pairs, alongside jumpers t-shirts and trousers. Granted, keeping them this neat is no small feat!

    7. Build shoe shelves under a stair case

    Shoe storage

    Image credit: Colin Poole

    The space under the stairs is often a tricky area to negotiate and decide what to do with. In this home it has been turned into a storage nook with designated space for coats, umbrellas and shoes.

    Attach floating shelves to the wall for shoe storage. Here they run up the full length of the wall, but you could swap them to the other wall where the coat hooks are if you wanted to add more shelves into the fiddly small space under the stairs.

    8. Store shoes in a mix of open shelving and pull-out baskets

    Shoe storage 8

    Image credit: Dominic Blackmore

    Getting kids to put away their shoes can be a nightmare. This unit doubles as a hall table and extra storage, with the added bonus that you can assign each of your children a box to store their shoes.

    You can either leave the cubby holes open to allow for them to grab their shoes at lightning speed or add some coloured boxes from IKEA to keep the shoe clutter that accumulates with young kids out of the eye line of visitors.

    For grown ups, fancy ‘out out’ heals and designer sandals can be left displayed on the open shelves, while those grubby gardening trainers you can’t bare to part with can be hidden away out of sight.

    9. Utilise space under the bed with drawers

    shoe storage 9

    Image credit: Dominic Blackmore

    Under the bed is a space often overlooked, stuffed with old suitcases or sheets. This space is actually far better suited to shoe storage, as you will be able to get a birds eye view of all your pretties as soon as you pull them out from under your bed.

    You can either buy a bed already fitted with under bed drawers or purchase storage separately. You can buy under bed drawers on wheels or storage bags with specially divided sections or each pair of shoes.

    Just be sure that whatever option you choose comes complete with a cover. Then your shoes won’t get coated in dust.

    10. Show the off on the stairs


    Yes, shoes slung on the stairs can look messy and disorganised. But neatly stacking one beautiful pair per stair can actually look really neat and stylish, especially if you have gorgeous shoes and a pretty patterned staircase.

    11. Build custom shoe drawers for small spaces

    Shoe storage 10

    Image credit: Colin Poole

    Custom built drawers are a great way to add extra shoe storage in a small space. Here the awkwardly small space under the stairs has been transformed into a secret shoe cupboard that doesn’t cut down the floor space.

    It is always worth looking at oddly shaped spaces and thinking if there is anyway you could squeeze a little extra storage out of them.

    12. Hang high heels vertically

    Shoe storage 7

    Image credit: Jon Day

    If you already have a dado rail running around your room it is the perfect space to store high heels. Simply hook the heel over the lip to keep them neat and tidied away. If you don’t already have one, you can attach a look a like moulded rail to one of your walls, or why not add a couple to allow you to hang all your high heels in a block together.

    This storage idea might be a bit overwhelming in a bedroom, unless you eat, sleep and breathe shoes, however it will work a treat for jazzing up your dressing room –ahem, sorry the guest room. 

    13. Add built-in shoe racks to a wardrobe

    Shoe storage 13

    Image credit: Simon Whitmore

    These shoe baskets are a stylish addition to this bedroom. Stacked up, they store plenty of shoes and are easy to look through and grab at a moment’s notice. However, they also look neat and tidy within the room.

    Open storage like this can run the risk of looking messy, to avoid this simply opted for purpose built shoe storage with a door that can be hidden inside the wardrobe, or hang fabric over the storage to add more colour and drama to the room.

    You can use any type of storage basket to store your shoes, so long as it squeezes in the space you have available.

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    14. Hang your shoes horizontally in a shoe caddy

    Shoe storage

    Image credit: Ti-Media

    This is the ideal solution if you prefer to keep your shoes hidden away and are short of space, but want to be able to pull out your favourite pair at a moments notice. You’ve probably seen hanging shelves before for T-shirts, these hanging shoe shelves are just as affective at adapting a wardrobe with only a single rail in it. You can pick these up from most homeware shops,.

    However, to keep your shoes in the best condition, stuff shoes with tissue paper so that they keep there shape when you put them in the caddy.

    15. Rack everything up in a freestanding solution


    Image credit: TI Media

    Get everything sorted with one simple industrial rack that can house your coats, hats and keys and bags, as well as shoes. This tried and tested approach won’t date, and you can add cushions to make it a comfortable place to pull of those boots, or keep it clear for more footwear.

    16. Build a multi-purpose hallway store


    Image credit: Lizzie Orme

    The owners of this home took an individualist approach to shoe storage and made their own. Favourite pairs are ready to grab and go, while other shoes and kick-knacks are hidden in drawers. They crafted the unit out of MDF, making the cubbies just the right size to fit drawers taken from old pieces of furniture destined for the tip, and a couple of crates.

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    Will you be trying out any of this shoe storage ideas?

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