The £5 Aldi find you’ll use in every room – I love it so much I have three at home

It lands in stores this week

Footstool on pink backdrop
(Image credit: Aldi)

In my opinion, the unsung heroes of the Aldi special buys are those practical bits of homeware that you can pick up for next to nothing and use for years. The latest drop includes one of these gems – a folding step stool for under £5. 

While a folding step stool might not sound like an exciting home purchase, trust me when I say that they are a total game-changer. Folding almost completely flat when not in use, they are easy to tuck away into kitchen storage ideas or bedroom storage ideas.

I currently have three dotted around my home to reach high shelves, one tucked away in my kitchen, one hidden in my wardrobe and a third nestled in the storage cupboard. 

Mine originally came from Dunelm costing around £6, but they look identical to the Aldi versions that come in at an incredibly purse-friendly £4.50. When it comes to cost per use I can safely say that one of these folding step stools is one of the cheapest things you'll buy for your home.

Footstool on pink backdrop

(Image credit: Aldi)

They both feature the same slip-proof spots on top and the clever handle design that allows them to be folded up and carried around the house like a tiny bag. If you're concerned about how sturdy they are then never fear as structure means they will hold an impressive 150kg.

The step stools come in three pretty colours at Aldi, blue, dark grey and light grey, and these subtle shades are perfect for slotting discreetly around your home like I've done with mine. 

If you're near an Aldi today you should be able to find one of the step stools in the middle aisle. They launch today as part of the DIY specialbuy drop alongside a range of power tools and Aldi's bladeless fan dyson dupe. 

Unfortunately, Aldi no longer sells its homewares online, so if you don't have an Aldi nearby but have been persuaded by my obsession with my folding step-stools you can pick them up for a little bit more at Dunelm and Amazon. Here are my three top alternatives to choose from:

And these handy little step stools aren't just for adding those extra inches when you need to reach a high shelf.  When guests come to stay I even use them as a pop-up bedside table next to the sofa bed. Hard-working items are always a winner!

Rebecca Knight
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