Why you should wait until *after* Christmas to buy this festive item

It's a much more financially savvy decision!

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The best time to buy Christmas decorations is just before Christmas right? Guess again! According to experts, the post-Christmas period might actually be one of the best times to snap up some of the very best Christmas deals, whether you're in need of a new artificial Christmas tree or something as small as a new set of baubles.

Yes – the experts explain that if you’re in the market for some new festive decor items, whatever it may be, the most financially savvy move you can make is to wait until after 25th December to buy them.

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Why you should wait until after Christmas to buy festive items

According to finance and consumer shopping experts, one of the very best times to save money on your Christmas decor is directly after Christmas Day.

And it makes sense – items will, at this time, be subject to huge discounts given that many people won't be looking to buy them right after celebrating during the festive period.

Tiara Rea-Palmer, head of retail relations for Couponfollow.com, told The Money Manual, 'The single best day to shop after Christmas is December 26, hands down. There will be huge sales on Christmas trees, decor, holiday gifts, and lights, but you can also score some post-Christmas discounts on items not related to the holidays too.'

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We also spoke to Up The Gains founder and money and business expert Sammie Ellard-King, who also explained that if you're looking for a deal on Christmas decorations, right after the big day itself is the best time to shop.

He revealed, 'Post-Christmas is actually the best time to buy Christmas decorations ready for next Christmas, because this is when all the big discounts hit, such as in the Boxing Day sales. In fact, research suggests that the minimum that you can save on decorations will be 50%, with savings likely going higher. Most major retailers' sales on Christmas decor will carry on right through to mid-January.'

However, it's worth noting that discounts on Christmas items immediately after the holidays are likely to only last as long as stocks do, as retailers probably won't be restocking the items. 

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So if you do want to make some savings (especially during the current cost of living crisis), it may be well worth the dash to the shops on Boxing Day, or the day after.

After all, Sammie explains that the best time to rethink your Christmas decorations – whether you're focused on Christmas dining room decor ideas, or Christmas living room decor ideas – is while they are actually up, and you can see everything. 

'This is the perfect time to get organised and stock up on some new festive bits ready for next year’s Christmas. Think about it; your perfect time to revamp your decorations is when you’ve had them up and you can see exactly what is in need of a refresh,' he said.

So while it might seem odd to do your Christmas decor shopping now, it could well save you a lot more cash than buying them just ahead of Christmas 2023 would.

And, it’s one less thing to worry about come next December!


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