The boucle pumpkin cushion trend is getting us into the autumnal spirit – and we've found the best ones

The boucle pumpkin cushions are a trend we didn’t see coming – but now we’re in love

Boucle Pumpkin Cushion Decoration
(Image credit: Ginger Ray)

Is it just us or are Halloween decorations dialled up this year? Not that we’re complaining as we’re VERY Halloween-happy in the Ideal Home office. But from this emerged a trend that we didn’t see coming but now that it’s here, we can’t get enough of it. We’re talking about boucle pumpkin cushions.

That’s right, pumpkin-shaped cushions in trendy boucle are taking over Halloween decorating ideas and selling out everywhere. This stylish piece of decor is the perfect alternative for the much popular Hobbycraft plush pumpkins that are a hit every Halloween. And the sleek yet cosy boucle really makes them suitable for all of autumn, not just the spooky holiday.

So why not get into the autumnal spirit with one of our hand-picked squishy and soft pumpkin cushions? 

Boucle pumpkin cushions

Pumpkin Cushions

(Image credit: Aldi)

Once autumn sets in, pumpkin-themed everything tends to come out. And this year, it happened even earlier than usual - while we were still in August, pumpkin casserole dishes started enjoying much popularity already. But nothing has been more prominent since than the boucle pumpkin cushions.

‘We're seeing the viral boucle pumpkin cushions take over and there’s no wonder – they’re so cute,’ says Etsy’s trend expert, Dayna Isom Johnson. ‘These adorable cushions are perfect for a subtle yet chic nod to Halloween. Whether it’s on your living room sofa, on your bed, or placed on a shelf as an ornament, they are the perfect neutral purchase to decorate your home this spooky season and beyond.’

Boucle Pumpkins

(Image credit: Etsy)

Indeed, this pumpkin decorating idea is so cute it’s hard to resist. We’re not even trying at this point. And apparently we’re not the only ones as these pumpkin cushions are selling out everywhere. The Boucle Pumpkin Cushion Decoration from Ginger Ray is one such sold out beauty, now only available through the brand’s suppliers according to the brand’s decoration expert, Jess Martin.

‘Our boucle pumpkins have proved incredibly popular. In fact, they have now all sold out on site and are only available to purchase through our suppliers. Autumn decorations have become a far bigger trend this year as people look for seasonal upgrades to their homes outside the traditional celebrations.'

'Subtler takes on Halloween decorations that can be used way before you might want to start decorating for spooky season have proved more popular than ever – especially our boucle pumpkins.’ 

Large Beige Boucle Pumpkin Cushion Decoration

(Image credit: Ginger Ray)

‘Most of us love getting cosy in autumn so soft touches that can make a space look and feel more comfortable and inviting are a no-brainer,' says Jess. 'The classic and cute pumpkin shape and subtle colour make it a product that can be pulled out year after year.'

We completely agree. So if you’re convinced and want to jump on the pumpkin cushion bandwagon, then here are some alternatives for the sold-out Ginger Ray ones in various colourways – from muted neutrals to seasonal shades. But if you’re lucky enough to come across some that are still available, then give us a shout.

Our pick of the best

We say grab them quick while you have the opportunity. Because these are selling like hot (pumpkin) cakes!

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