Move over IKEA! The Cotswold Company's new flat pack furniture is under £100

Our favourite Scandi brand might've met its formidable opponent

Wooden round side table in bedroom
(Image credit: The Cotswold Company)

Our favourite Scandi flat pack furniture hero, IKEA, might have some competition at hand as The Cotswold Company launches a new affordable flatpack furniture range for under £100 – and even better yet, a 15-year guarantee (yes, really).

IKEA has long been a champion in the world of flat pack furniture, giving us a base to create bespoke pieces with IKEA hacks as well as a supplement to every new home decor trend rising on the ranks.

While we know flat pack furniture isn't solely reserved for the Scandi brand alone anymore, their affordability is something not many can match, however, we think they've met a formidable opponent – cue The Cotswold Company's new range: Essentials.

Wooden round side table in bedroom

(Image credit: The Cotswold Company)

The Cotswold Company Essentials flat pack furniture range

The furniture specialists have launched their new affordable Essentials furniture range, featuring coffee tables, side tables, shoe benches, and clothes rails which all cost less than £100 and come with the brand's 15-year guarantee for added peace of mind. However, as with anything, be sure to check out the brand's full terms and conditions on their website for all the specific details.

The only things the 15-year guarantee doesn't cover are garden furniture, decorative homewares, and mattresses. So thankfully, we're in the clear with this range.

White and wooden clothes rail with clothes

(Image credit: The Cotswold Company)

The Cotswold Company claim that each piece of furniture is designed to last using traditional construction techniques like mortise and tenon joints for added strength.

The furniture is also built using robust bolts rather than pins so you can easily assemble and dismantle your furniture as many times as you like without compromising the structure of your furniture. We think they're a perfect living room or bedroom essential.

Here's a glance at some of our favourite furniture pieces from the new range.

Some items are currently 'expected in 2-5 weeks' so be mindful before placing an order that there may be a wait for certain things on your radar.

Paul Deckland, director of buying at The Cotswold Company says, 'We're so excited to be able to release this new range, without compromising on quality we've managed to create a range which is affordable but also is synonymous with the excellence that The Cotswold Company is known for.'

White round side table with decorative items on top

(Image credit: The Cotswold Company)

As a renter myself in a smaller space, flat pack furniture is my go-to, and I've got to say, I've got my eye on those round side tables for only £50 to hold some plants and decorative trays in my bedroom.

Cotswold... put me on that waitlist.

Jullia Joson
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