The £10 trick to stop rugs from moving on carpet and hard flooring – it's an essential for every home

Stop your rugs from slipping and sliding once and for all

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Having to keep readjusting and repositioning a rug is just plain annoying. Thankfully, there's an easy and affordable solution: double-sided rug tape. Trust us if you have a rug in any room of your house you are going to want to invest in this handy piece of kit.

If you've previously been pulling your hair out trying to work out how to stop a rug from moving on carpet, you've likely already come across the option to use an anti-slip rug underlay. However, using rug tape is another effective hack for keeping your best rugs in place that we think is heavily underrated.

Better yet, you can secure a roll of double-sided rug tape for less than £10 on Amazon and use it for any rug in your home, irrespective of its size.

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Why you need double-sided rug tape

While many people often opt for anti-slip rug underlays as the top solution for keeping a rug in place, double-sided rug tape offers a more direct approach that boasts its own benefits. 

'Double-sided rug tape can be applied to the rug's underside, adhering to both the rug and the floor, creating a bond that prevents slipping,' explains Nick Acaster, managing director at Rugs Direct.

Daniel Prendergast, managing director at The Rug Seller, further explains that opting for double-sided rug tape tends to be better for smaller rugs than anti-slip underlays, making them more versatile in nature.

Not to mention, since you just cut the necessary amount of tape required for your rugs, all you need is one roll of rug tape to cover all the rugs in your home instead of buying different-sized underlays for each rug (which can get pretty spenny).

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Double-sided rug tape is a quick and cost-effective solution to stop rugs from moving on carpet and hard flooring, however, it's important to pay extra mind during application and choosing a tape that won't damage your rug or flooring once removed.

'Ensure the carpet and back of the rug are clean and dry before applying the tape and place it along the edges to prevent the rug edges from lifting too,' advises Daniel. 'The tape shouldn't mark the carpet.'

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Aside from its practical benefits in keeping your rugs in place, Sophie Clemson, co-founder and director of online interior design company, The Living House further notes that using double-sided rug tape can play a part in helping to make your living room rug ideas look more elevated.

'Using rug tape on the corners of the rug will not only help it stay in place but also stop the corners of the rug from curling and looking shabby,' she assures.

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Typically, we associate higher-end and expensive rugs with being thick and heavier compared to their flimsier counterparts. Therefore, keeping those corners flat gives off a more lavish look.

Pair the use of double-sided rug tape with interiors expert Kate Watson-Smyth's rug sizing tip and you're well on your way to making a living room look expensive – albeit on a budget.

Shop double-sided rug tape

Of course, there's nothing wrong with continuing down the route of using anti-slip rug underlays if that's your preference.

We just figured we'd let you in on a little lesser-known secret to stop your rugs from slipping and sliding once and for all.

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