Dunelm is ruffling no feathers with its adorably frilled home accessories – it’s the perfect addition for spring

Dunelm's ruffled homewares make for the cutest of spring trends

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As we enter the month of March, all we can think about is spring. And with that, spring-appropriate home decor that we can start incorporating into our homes to speed up the arrival of warmer and brighter days. We’re talking pastels, flowers…and ruffles. And Dunelm’s ruffled homewares are currently at the top of our wish lists.

Dunelm knows exactly how to hone in on a home decor trend. And the frill-full trend is no exception. A few days ago, the brand posted a reel on its Instagram featuring a lovely ruffled tablecloth from its sale which just got us in the mood for the adorable frilly trims.

And while the pretty in pink tablecloth is no longer available (that is the downside of sale items), it inspired us to browse the rest of the brand’s ruffled goodness on offer. These are our top picks and how we’ll be styling them.

Dunelm’s ruffled homewares

‘We’ve seen that ruffled accessories are really resonating with customers striving to create the cottagecore look,’ says Lisa Jones, editorial design manager at Dunelm. ‘Bedding and cushions are reimagined with bold checks & stripes for a modern update, while rims and ruffles in particular are important design details which add a playful touch that’s full of nostalgic charm.’

But it’s not just cottagecore living room ideas (or bedroom ones) that go hand in hand with ruffles. 

‘Ruffles within home interiors are having a design moment and it’s part of a wider movement towards a more feminine and nostalgic look,’ says Lucy Mather, design expert at Arighi Bianchi. ‘Popular sub-trends that incorporate this look include balletcore and bows.’

Remember Stacey Dooley’s champagne coupe bows?

Lucy continues, ‘These soft flowing edges are also a trend that ties into the spring and summer vibes that we are all longing for. People are romanticising the onset of these brighter months – it’s about escapism and creating a whimsical space to retreat into whilst we wait for the lighter, brighter days to arrive.’

Our top picks

How to style them

But if you do incorporate frills into your home, just remember to take it easy and add only a few touches here and there. You don’t want to overpower your space and suffocate it with ruffles.

‘To style this look, rather than going full-on cottagecore and granny chic, choose a few key accessories. Ruffled cushions in a modern living room can give a nice soft finishing touch. As can ruffled bedding. You want the finished effect to look modern and considered,’ Lucy advises.

It’s all about striking a balance with this one.

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