The new colour trend that John Legend and Chrissy Teigen approve of

This delicious colour has us all warm inside just by looking at it. And soon it will be everywhere.

Portrait of John Legend and Chrissy Teigen
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Some call it honey gold, others named it nectar or even organic yellow. All of these new terms amount to a single shade - a warming, delicious, earthy hue of yellow with a mellow golden or slightly orange undertone reminiscent of sunset colours. And the honey gold colour trend is set to be the new go-to interiors hue of the autumn/winter season, already popping up all over the place in the final summer month.

It’s seen on everything from paint to sofas and cookware as Le Creuset’s colour of the season is ‘Nectar’, a golden yellow fitting right in with this colour trend. Even the power couple Chrissy Teigen and John Legend agree as their recently released Architectural Digest house tour featured velvet-coloured honey gold dining chairs and lounge banquet. But where does this trend come from and how should you use it? Interiors experts advise.

Honey gold colour trend

A white metal bedframe with a yellow knitted throw

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There is a 70s resurgence trend on the horizon as we’ve seen with the brown paint micro trend. But don’t worry, it’s done in a modernised, tasteful way. That seems to also be the origin of the honey gold colour trend.

It is a shade that is both playful and elevated and it can be incorporated into any space with a single home accessory like a cushion. Or you can incorporate it in your living room colour scheme by painting a whole wall and adding a matching sofa for a layered look. This is a colour you can get creative with.

A white kitchen with a yellow-painted door and two pendant lights

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‘The colour’s association with the metal exudes opulence, making it a fool-proof way to inject luxury into your home,’ says Helen Shaw, director of international marketing at Benjamin Moore.

‘The combination of warmth and luxe means this colour is perfect for a bedroom. Pair with a glow of candlelight to make everything near it look beautiful. The shade’s versatility means you can use it as a neutral base in your room or as an accent colour - using it on architectural detailing is a great way to introduce it, it will add visual interest without you needing to commit to a larger area.’

‘Adding a honey gold hue into your decor can have an enlivening effect, bringing in the feel of optimism and joy into the space,’ adds Helen Pett, design ambassador at Arteriors London. ‘If used on walls, add impact by layering this colour into large furniture items such as a rich velvet fabric-covered sofa. Gold on gold is as warm and inviting as it can get.’

A hallway with a white sideboard against a yellow wall

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But perhaps the best part about it is that it’s not just another trend to add to your home. It is a shade that is proven to boost your wellbeing too, promoting feelings of grounding due to its earthy undertones and energising due to its brightness. 

‘Featuring golden undertones, this earthy colour has a luxurious feel whilst also subtly nodding to mother nature and that energising sunshine we seek out,’ says Tash Bradley, director of interior design and colour psychologist at Lick.

‘This particular honey gold colour is emotionally stimulating, joyful, uplifting, brightening, optimistic, and boosts self-esteem. It is these qualities that make it perfect for creating spaces that invite happiness and inspire confidence.’

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