This Instagrammer just demonstrated how to make the perfect bows like a pro – and nail the Christmas tree bow trend

How to make perfect bows for your Christmas tree like a pro with this easy hack

Bow-decorated Christmas tree
(Image credit: Melanie Lissack Interiors

This Christmas season may as well be called ribbon and bow galore as the trend made its way from fashion into interiors and the festive period really made it shine. Ribbons are being used as seasonal decor especially ontrees. But how to make bows for a Christmas tree properly is a skill that escapes many of us.

Of course, you could just tie it on the branches. But if you’re looking for more elevated Christmas tree ribbon ideas and ways how to make your bow art stand out, then luckily for you we found the perfect tutorial to tie the perfect bow as a pro. On Instagram, of course.

The Instagram reel comes courtesy of interiors and decorating enthusiast Melanie Lissack of @melanielissackinteriors who has decked her entire Christmas tree in these expertly crafted velvet bows. And turns out, it’s fairly simple to do.

Bow-decorated Christmas tree

(Image credit: Melanie Lissack Interiors

How to make bows for a Christmas tree

Instagram and TikTok can be a wonderful place filled with inspiration, especially during this time of year, supplying us with an endless stream of DIY Christmas decor ideas. And very often, these content creators know what they’re doing as in the case of the TikTok DIY dupe to Anthropologie Christmas baubles or festive decor made with emptied tomato paste tube.

But using ribbons is one of the biggest Christmas tree trends of the season so nailing the technique of how to tie one like a professional is on the top of our agenda with only a couple of weeks left until Christmas.

‘Ribbons galore is this year’s timeless look,’ says lifestyle expert, author and creator of Hill House Vintage, Paula Sutton. ‘When it comes to decorating presents this year, we’re using white paper with the glitz of ribbons to wrap gifts - it’s a cheaper option that’s for sure. Those ribbon cutoffs are going onto the tree to add metallic fractions amongst the green. Then, save those more perfect ribbons from the gift wrapping to go on the tree on the special day.’

In her blog post, Melanie Lissack elaborates on why she chose to adorn her entire tree with bows this year. ‘Using bows rather than baubles has really changed the look of my tree - it feels a lot more glamorous and delicate in its design,’ she writes.

And this is exactly how she created this magical look.

A bow-decorated Christmas tree next to a fireplace

(Image credit: House of Hackney)

What you’ll need

How to guide

Melanie advises to start off by cutting a long piece of ribbon, approximately 40cm is her recommended length. Then find the centre and fold the two sides inwards creating the outline of a bow.

Bow-decorated Christmas tree

(Image credit: Melanie Lissack Interiors

‘Then take the right-hand side of hanging ribbon to fold up and over the back to form the centre of the bow. Taking it round the back again, tuck the bottom of the ribbon in the loop created, starting on the right hand side,’ Melanie writes in her caption.

And you’re pretty much done. Just gently pull the two sides into their right positions before bending a short piece of floristry wire. Then hook it in, creating a pin with which you can now attach your bow to the tree.

And now you’re actually done. Well done!

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