A savvy DIYer just demonstrated how to replicate Anthropologie’s £68 bauble set for £20

This DIY TikTok Christmas bauble hack is the perfect dupe for Anthropologie’s £68 set – and it couldn’t be easier

A colourfully decorated Christmas tree at the bottom of a staircase
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We love an ingenious TikTok hack around here, especially when it saves us some cash. As is the case with the Anthropologie Christmas bauble DIY dupe that we recently caught our eye on the app. 

Making for a great DIY Christmas decor idea, the hack comes courtesy of Amanda from @woodenthatbesomethin who is a clear enthusiast for seasonal festivities and the decor that comes with it. And in her TikTok video, she single-handedly just duped the very stylish but a smidge spenny Anthropologie Opaque Bauble Christmas Tree Decorations selling for £68 for a set of 9.

Made with opaque coloured glass, the Anthropologie decorations are available in two different colour variations – either blues and greens or shades of pink. But Amanda’s homemade take means you can let your imagination run wild with what shades you’d like to colour yours, just like she’s done. As long as your paints permit it, of course.

Anthropologie Christmas bauble DIY dupe

Opaque Bauble Christmas Tree Decorations, Set of 9

(Image credit: Anthropologie)

Anthropologie is pretty much killing it with their Christmas offering this year as we’ve already witnessed with the brand’s snow globe candle and Taylor Swift’s Christmas ornament dupe. And these stylish Christmas baubles are no different. But if presented with a budget Christmas decorating idea that won’t cost us more than £20 (or less if you already own some acrylic paints), then of course we’re going to jump on the opportunity.

And we might even prefer Amanda’s version that little bit more because of the wider variety of colours and their iridescence, as the TikToker decided to update clear baubles with an iridescent finish. Sorry Anthropologie!

So what exactly are you going to need? Just two things really…


♬ Lover - Taylor Swift

What you’ll need

John Lewis Winter Fairytale Glass Baubles, Tub of 20, Iridescent

(Image credit: John Lewis)

How to guide

When we said these couldn’t be easier to make, we weren’t kidding. 

Firstly, squeeze your chosen paint to the inside of the bauble and gently shake and rotate to coat the interior with paint. 

In her caption, Amanda writes, ‘I cut holes in cardboard boxes to allow the ornaments to rest upside down. Allow them to drain/dry for at least 24 hours.’

And there it is, you’re done. Is this mind-blowingly easy or what?!

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