Lily Allen's house is a masterclass in how to make the viral 'strawberry girl aesthetic' work in your home

The pink-hued trend that makes us smile.

Portrait of Lily Allen
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Strawberry girl aesthetic is the latest beauty trend going viral all over TikTok and Instagram following in the footsteps of the vanilla girl and latte girl aesthetics that came before it. And while it started in the world of beauty, this trend is quickly spreading into all realms including interiors. And we think that Lily Allen’s New York home, giving us so many pink bathroom ideas and pink bedroom ideas, is the perfect example of how to effortlessly incorporate this style into your home.

Earlier this year, Lily and her husband, actor David Harbour, invited Architectural Digest into their Brooklyn home, starting a bathroom carpet debate online. And looking back, they were ahead of the curve, incorporating elements of the sweet strawberry girl look into their space without knowing it. But how did they do that? And what exactly is this strawberry girl aesthetic we speak of? 

Strawberry girl aesthetic

Side of a bed with ruffled and pink bedding and headboard

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Racking up 11.5 million views on Tiktok, #strawberrygirl was started by none other than Mrs Hailey Bieber who declared this season ‘strawberry girl summer’ in a recent Instagram post. This was followed by Hailey’s ‘everyday strawberry makeup’ tutorial on TikTok notable for a natural-looking complexion paired with a very pink blush, matching lips and draw-on freckles. 

And the strawberry girl aesthetic was born.

It didn’t take long before everybody got on board of the strawberry-themed bandwagon and the style trickled down into fashion and broader lifestyle. In interiors terms, the strawberry girl aesthetic is largely defined by its colour palette.

Pink-painted wall with a clear vase of red flowers

(Image credit: Future PLC/Claire Lloyds Davies)

‘The strawberry girl aesthetic embraces a harmonious blend of coordinating tonal colour palettes, incorporating gentle, pastel pinks alongside vibrant fruity reds that infuse a sense of playfulness into the look,’ says Alex Stubbs, interior stylist for Flitch.

But it’s not just any pink shade that qualifies for the strawberry girl look warns Tash Bradley, director of interior design and colour psychologist at Lick. ‘It’s important to steer clear of the barbiecore hot pinks. The strawberry girl colour palette is much more gentle and understated.' 

'Think about the girl who kicked off this trend, Hailey Bieber, and the tasteful, subtle way she’s created the strawberry girl look. The same goes for interiors. Think about sun-blushed, soft and warm pinks. These pinks will bring the trend straight into your home, and be in style forever.’

And looking at Lily Allen’s house tour, those elements are all there. Soft pinks cover the velvet chairs and the ceiling, of the singer’s bathroom paired with floral patterns as Lily champions the kitsch bloomcore trend as well, all of which are very strawberry look aesthetic. Her kitchen is coloured in a creamy hue with pops of charming red gingham pattern, and the tonal bedroom is swathed in a light pink shade from the walls to the ceiling and the bedding.

Kitchen with pink walls, wooden counter tops and a bowl of strawberries

(Image credit: Future PLC/Caroline Mardon)

But how can you incorporate this joyful aesthetic into your home? 

‘In terms of interior design elements, this translates to using delicate, creamy pink accents, blush-coloured textiles, or subtle pink wall shades,’ suggests Alex of Flitch. ‘Introducing hints of vivid, red hues reminiscent of strawberries in decor items like cushions or art pieces further enhances the theme. 

'Furthermore, this aesthetic can be complemented by details like soft fabric furnishings, delicate floral patterns that bring elements of nature inside, and the integration of warm-hued lighting that enhances the red and pink tones of the room and simulates natural light.’

This kind of soft pink championed by the strawberry girl aesthetic is also a very soothing and nurturing shade if you're choosing the best pink paint for your home, says Tash of Lick. ‘Pink is such a happy, sweet and comforting colour that adds a nurturing feel to any space. Pink is also one of the most versatile colours, termed a ‘new neutral’. It works in any room.’

'The Strawberry Girl palette is all about being natural and soft. It’s got a gorgeous tonal scheme of soft, delicate pinks and earthy beiges that make you feel physically soothed and will make you feel relaxed as soon as you walk into a room. The pop of red from the palette will bring a bit of cheeky, playful sweetness to your home,' she concludes.

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