Why mermaidcore is the shiny new interiors trend we're all diving into

This ocean-themed decor has us under its spell

Soft blue bedroom with floral wallpaper and satin blue bedspread
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It’s currently dominating the world of fashion and beauty, but experts predict that ‘mermaidcore’ is quickly making its way over into our interiors as the glitzier, younger sister of trends like the recent ‘coastal grandmother’ style.

You’re more than forgiven if you haven't heard of mermaidcore just yet – so far, it's mostly been popular at high-end fashion shows, and among celebs like Jessica Chastain and Margot Robbie. So what exactly is it?

As the name suggests, the trend embodies all things mermaid, with a focus on ocean-inspired aesthetics. But far from being tacky (which you might assume), it could well be one of the most fun and elegant interior trends of 2023 so far.

The mermaidcore trend

Blue dining room with plate rack displaying pink plates on a blue wall and a round wooden dining table with wishbone chairs

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For the uninitiated, mermaidcore goes one step further than your classic beach themed bedroom ideas – it's a glossy, ethereal aesthetic with plenty of shiny, shimmery accessories and seascape-style colours. Think pearly sunset pinks, deep and baby blues inspired by the ocean, and elegant whites, like the froth of the waves.

Etsy, in their 2023 home trends report, predict that mermaidcore will be one of the biggest trends of the year. In fact, they say that many of their mermaidcore-inspired home accessories have already got shoppers under their spell, with homes-enthusiasts drawn towards sea-inspired items, such as those with scalloped edges, and bubble-inspired decor. There has been a 125% increase in searches for scalloped runners, a 24% increase in searches for mother of pearl trays, and a growing interest in bubble-shaped light fixtures.

mermaid and ocean-inspired bathroom with blue tiles on wall and floor, scalloped fixtures, fish-inspired accessories and an open shower

(Image credit: Sanctuary Bathrooms)

Suzanne Pearce, owner of Casa Bella Furniture, was ahead of the game last year when she spotted that over on TikTok, the #mermaidcore hashtag already has over 19.1 million views.

'Mermaidcore is a really refreshing style and is unlike any other design trend we’ve seen,' she says. 'Taking inspiration from both nautical décor and ‘fairycore’ interiors, the style has its own unique sense of whimsy, which sets it apart from other trends.'

And, she says, much of the reason for its popularity is – quite simply – how fun it is. 'Mermaidcore is light and playful, which no doubt is part of the appeal, especially for those looking to add more whimsical touches to their homes.'

Etsy iridescent pink glasses

(Image credit: Etsy)

Not only that, but for those who feel connected to the ocean, mermaidcore represents a really stylish way to embrace this via your decor. 'Trends more broadly are a good way to make a space feel your own, and to embrace your personal interests,' says Helena Davies, Head of Home Buying at Barker and Stonehouse. 'So for people that love the sea and summer, the mermaidcore trend is a creative, fun way for them to incorporate it into their life on their own terms.'

How to nail mermaidcore at home

Soft blue bedroom with floral wallpaper and satin blue bedspread

(Image credit: Future PLC/Dominic Blackmore)

For Suzanne, this new trend is ideal for those who like to embrace trends, interiors-wise. 'Mermaidcore is only really just starting to emerge as an interiors trend, so those looking to be ahead of the curve with their home décor will no doubt be intrigued,' she said.

In order to do this, the experts suggest focusing on both the colour palette of your decor and accessories, as well as the distinct shapes of mermaidcore.

James Roberts, Director at Sanctuary Bathrooms told us: 'Achieving mermaidcore in the home is about incorporating shapes, colours, and textures reminiscent of the sea. So start by selecting a colour palette that resembles the coral reef – corals, pinks, aquas, and turquoise.'

'You can then recreate the shimmering aspect of mermaidcore by adding brushed gold or silver fittings and fixtures – it’s an expensive-looking aesthetic, but it doesn’t have to cost a bomb to achieve through small changes.'

Living room detail with a black console table against a half painted blue wall and artwork

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If you want to go even further, Helena suggests getting out the paint. 'If you’re looking to make a statement, adding a blue or green feature wall to your room finished off with purple and pink accents will look incredible,' she says. And if you need some inspiration, bold colours are some of the best colours to paint a kitchen in!

After that, it's all about the accessories. 'This style can easily be incorporated into the home in a number of small ways, from a print of a beautiful beach sunset to shell shaped décor like pillows, plant pots, and lamps,' says Suzanne. 'You can even collect some free mermaidcore decor on your next trip to the coast in the form of sea glass.'

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