This stunning £30 vase in Michelle Keegan's homeware range with Very nails the 'lived-in' quiet luxury look

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Michelle Keegan
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Michelle Keegan's home has been on our list of highly-coveted celebrity abodes since before we can even remember. Pioneering 'quiet luxury' before it even had a name, the actress' latest drop in her homeware collection with Very embodies every bit of understated elegance that we all could do with a little bit more of in our homes.

The drop features interior staples that tick all the boxes on the most popular home decor trends, including everything from lighting to mirrors, and sophisticated home furnishing additions. However, the star of the show for us is the all-new Athens Vase, embracing the 'distressed' look we've been seeing everywhere.

What's more, we think it's the standout piece in the range that best represents the Fool Me Once star's own interior taste, which she has never shied away from sharing with followers on her and her husband Mark Wright's home Instagram account. So, if you want to make your living room feel more luxurious, look no further than these stunning pickups to achieve the 'quiet luxury' look for less.

Michelle Keegan Home Athens Vase

The 'Athens Vase' in Michelle Keegan's homeware collection

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The distressed vase trend

The Athens Vase is part of Michelle Keegan's new collection with Very, and it's by far our star buy from the range in all its organic, earthenware glory. Coming in at a fair price point of £30, it's currently 'in demand' on the Very website, proving to be an already popular choice among shoppers.

It is a statement piece with its natural texture nodding to the organic modern home decor trend that gained traction last year. Needless to say, we think it has what it takes to be a sellout.

Commenting on the rise of 'distressed' decor, Dayna Isom Johnson, Etsy's trend expert highlights that lately, they're 'seeing shoppers step away from clean lines and perfect finishes as they embrace organic textures and shapes'. Amy McSorley, product development at Nkuku even goes on to remark it as a 'significant shift in how people approach their home decor choices'.

Lena Gierasinska, head of product and displays at Barker and Stonehouse attributes this increased popularity in 'home accessories that sport a little patina and appear to have lovingly aged' to people's growing desire to 'make homes feel more personal and characterful'.

'Organic materials, vases, and accessories with more natural, distressed finishes look well-loved and create a more laid-back and lived-in look,' she adds. We've seen the likes of organic-shaped mirrors, for example, become highly favoured. Therefore, it's no wonder that Michelle Keegan's Athens Vase is already a hit.

Large Loutro Vase - Pale Celadon

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Rest assured, embracing timeless-looking pieces such as the Athens Vase is one of many ways to make a living room look expensive.

Alternatively, if the look of this particular vase isn't quite your fancy and are in the market for something more minimalist, we've also got our eye on the Puli Vase from Michelle's collection which embraces a similar organic vibe on a more understated scale.

Michelle Keegan Home Puli Vase

The 'Puli Vase' in Michelle Keegan's homeware collection

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Michelle Keegan's range isn't the only one nailing the distressed vase trend, here are a couple of the natural looking urns and vases that have caught out eye lately.

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Display your vase just as it is, or dress it up with some seasonal stems for that extra bit of flair. Irrespective of how you go about it, best believe it'll instantly enrich your living space nonetheless. 

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