Black Friday vs Boxing Day sales - experts reveal which is the best for bargains

Are you more likely to bag a deal on Black Friday or Boxing Day? Here's what we know

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Despite being an American invention, Black Friday has crept its way up into our radar, with shoppers nationwide flocking to their favourite retailers to snag some stellar limited-time deals. Although we’re still over a week away, some brands are already spotlighting their Black Friday deals.

Previously, the biggest sale of the year was Boxing Day, with shoppers taking to the high street to bag a bargain post-Christmas festivities, but in recent years we’ve seen a shift. Nick Grey, founder and CEO at Gtech says, ‘Black Friday is now easily the biggest sale day of the year. With sales up to five times those of the traditional Boxing Day or January sales, it is definitely the one where the biggest savings are offered.’

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Black Friday vs Boxing Day 

Brett Janes, e-commerce expert at Salience Search Marketing reports that ‘based on 2021 shopping data, Boxing Day is now 25% smaller than Black Friday in terms of how many people visit online stores that day.’

'Black Friday is more associated with tech, and Boxing Day with home and fashion, but there are always exceptions.' Therefore, although data shows us that Black Friday's deals are the hot topic, it all boils down to what exactly it is you're after discounts on – are you looking to get your hands on the best sofa you might be better snagging a deal on boxing day, while Black Friday will likely be the best time to pick up the best air fryer.

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Shoppers, be warned though as in the past, Black Friday sales were often disputed as a con as 'retailers double the price of products in the days prior to Black Friday, only to then offer a 50% discount during the event,' alerts Gilson Pereira, marking director at Zendbox. However, the simple solution to combat this is to do your research prior to ensure you're bagging a genuine, irresistible deal.

Ultimately, 'anyone looking to bag a deal this holiday season is to shop early,' advises John Upton, head of merchandising at OnBuy. With cost of living worries at the forefront of many's minds, we think that taking advantage of that incredible deal you've been eyeing while it's still early is never a bad idea.

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