George Home is selling a heated airer for the lowest price we've seen – it's even cheaper than Aldi

Snap up this winter must-have at a budget price

Winged heated clothes airer against pink background
(Image credit: George Home)

George Home at Asda is having a sale on heated clothes airers, and they're currently the cheapest you can buy on the market compared to offerings from other retailers – with prices starting from just £30.

The best heated clothes airers are second to none during times like this when the weather is still chilly, especially with Storm Isha hitting several areas of the UK. Needless to say, drying clothes outside isn't an option at the moment. So, it comes as no surprise that heated airers are a must if you want to dry clothes fast without a tumble dryer.

If you haven't yet jumped on the heated clothes airer hype, there's no better time than now with George Home offering them at a price that can't be beaten.

Winged heated clothes airer against pink background

(Image credit: George Home)

George Home heated clothes airers

George Home at Asda has always been a go-to for budget-friendly home buys. Considering that the cost of heated clothes airers is cheaper than the cost of running a tumble dryer, you can consider this right up our alley as an essential purchase to help with the task of saving energy at home.

George Home's Silver Heated Winged Clothes Airer is currently on sale for just £30 and is most comparable to our top-rated Status Portable Heated Clothes Airer from Robert Dyas – but at a cheaper price point (yes, it's even cheaper than Aldi's sellout heated clothes airer).

Robert Dyas' winged airer is our favourite 'budget buy' as far as heated clothes airer models go, but we have to say that George Home's version is a formidable alternative if you're after something even more affordable.

Better yet, George Home's heated clothes airer offers don't just end there. On top of the winged model, the budget brand is also selling a Silver-Tone Tower Heated Air Dryer reduced to just £70 from its usual £95 price point.

This upright model boasts a similar design to the sellout Lakeland Dry:Soon 3-Tier Heated Airer, which is a popular buy for those looking for an airer that can hold a little more capacity. However, with savings of nearly £90, George Home's version may be the purse-friendly option for those wanting the bells and whistles of an upright model without the hefty price tag.

While getting your hands on a heated clothes airer is all well and good, it also pays to ensure you're clued up on the best tips and tricks for using them and heated airer mistakes to avoid.

One of our favourite hacks includes putting a bedsheet over a heated airer to halve the drying time. Well, it looks as though George Home is also clued up on the latest, as they're selling covers to pair alongside your choice of heated airer to help speed up drying times.

Upright heated clothes airer against pink background

(Image credit: George Home)

The Silver Heated Winged Clothes Airer and cover will be available to buy in Asda stores and online, and the offer will be live until 1st March 2024.

The Silver-Tone Tower Heated Air Dryer and matching cover, on the other hand, is an online exclusive and will only be at its reduced price point until 16th February 2024.

So, if any of these budget heated airers have caught your eye, consider this your sign to finally snap one up for the winter.

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