It's official - bathroom layouts are set to see this major change in 2023

Sorry bath lovers, industry experts are predicting 2023 as the year of the shower

GROHE modern and minimalist bathroom with a glass-door shower and neutral tiles
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There's great news for those of us who prefer showers over baths – as interior experts are predicting that this year, we’ll all be favouring a faster shower over a long, hot soak.

While the choice is always going to be subjective, experts have shared that when it comes to bathroom trends for 2023, they are largely noticing a big swing towards showers over baths, compared to a few years ago.

In fact, the trend towards showers is seen in the Pinterest Predicts report (80% of their predictions over the last few years have come true). The report explains, 'No bathtub, no problem. Gen X and boomers are [instead] searching for shower bombs and home spa bathrooms in 2023.' So why are we all turning away from our bathtubs, and towards our showers this year?

Pink tiled bathroom with crittal shower screen

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Why is there a trend towards showers over baths in 2023?

Pinterest found that there has been a huge year-on-year increase for searches related to showers on their website, with the term ‘Shower routine aesthetic’ rising in searches by 460%, ‘Amazing shower walk-ins’ rising by a huge 395% in the past year, and searches for ‘shower bomb’ rising by 90% year-on-year. 

Warren Kinloch, bathroom expert at Bathroom Deal, shared his thoughts, explaining, 'We’ve already seen an increase in demand for shower bundles and accessories on our website, and using Pinterest Predicts we can see a general rise in interest of searches for shower related terms across the platform, with similar trends across Google.'

bathroom with shower in black finish

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According to Warren, the interest is both practical and indulgent. 

'With people avoiding baths so as not to waste water, and to avoid an increased heating bill, consumers are bringing their spa-like routines away from the bath and into the shower. To solidify this trend for 2023, the hashtag #showerroutine recently hit 1.8 billion views on TikTok, indicating that showers are definitely the new baths this year,' he said.

Given the cost of running a shower in comparison to a bath (the latter being significantly more expensive), it's no wonder many of us are turning to showers in order to satisfy our self-care needs, and in order to save money amid rising energy costs.

Polly Shearer, a bathroom expert at Drench, even explained, 'A 10-minute shower will set you back around 100 litres of water, whereas the average bath uses 160-230 litres to fill a tub.'

White bathroom with black frame shower screen

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Not only that, but Polly also shared that design-wise, showers can more easily look sleek and sophisticated, as many of us try to elevate our home decor.

'As we move into 2023, minimalist spa-themed bathrooms are becoming increasingly popular, with requests for walk-in shower and wetroom designs being a common theme for customers using our 3D design service,' she said. 'Baths are arguably more family-friendly, but opting for a shower adds more elegance and luxury to your bathroom, especially if planning modern bathroom ideas.'

Bathroom with white tiles and grey vanity

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There's also the practical benefits of a shower over a bath too, when it comes to planning a bathroom – including the fact that many UK bathrooms have more space for a well-designed shower, compared to a bath.

'The growing design trends for space-saving and minimalism have meant that concealed shower designs are becoming increasingly popular, especially in the UK where we are no strangers to small or awkwardly shaped bathrooms,' Paul Bailey, Leader, Product Management, LIXIL EMENA & GROHE UK told us.

And not only are showers, in general, becoming more popular; but so is the idea of the open or glass shower door.

In fact, Pinterest reported that the term ‘Doorless shower ideas’ has risen in search by 110% year-on-year, and Victoria Plum revealed that they predict ‘seamless’ shower screens will be a huge trend in 2023.

They explain, 'In the last 12 months, online searches for ‘glass shower screens’ has risen by a massive 87,900 per cent, showing that the seamless and spacious look is on the mind of shoppers for the coming year.'

bathroom with grey floor tiles, walk in shower with green tiles, white basin and wooden bathroom drawers

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In the same vein, Paul explained that we are so keen on showers, that our designs are now trending more towards the wet rooms, that were so popular decades ago.

He said, 'As homeowners become more confident with their design choices and are giving a consideration to the future when designing a bathroom, wet rooms are also becoming an increasingly popular choice. 

'Offering sleek minimalistic lines, a desirable open space, and large overhead showers, a wet room offers both accessible functionalities for all family members.'

Will you be swapping your tub for a luxe shower?


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