Kim Kardashian has set an unexpected bathroom Christmas trend, giving the often neglected room its own tree

The bathroom is the most neglected room when it comes to Christmas decor – but no more, all thanks to Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian
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For the second year in a row, Kim Kardashian is leading and setting a very particular Christmas trend (as she does) of bathroom Christmas trees. Last Christmas season, the Skims founder took to her Instagram stories to reveal her huge bathroom of the approximate size of many London flats lined with eight trees. And this season, she has upped the ante by making it 12 Christmas trees.

The term ‘bathroom Christmas tree’ has seen an increase in Google searches by 120% in the last year and the number is growing every day. And while this Christmas tree trend is almost shocking, on the other hand, it also makes sense - why should the bathroom be the only neglected room in the house when decorating for Christmas? We’re very happy to adorn our hallways, living rooms, bedrooms and kitchens. So let’s extend the love to the bathroom too.

And as it turns out you don’t need a bathroom the size of Kim K’s to adopt this trend, according to experts. This is how you can put your own Christmas tree (if not 12) in your bathroom this festive season.

A Christmas-decorated bathroom

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Kim Kardashian starts a bathroom Christmas tree trend

At the beginning of the Christmas month, Kim Kardashian took to her Instagram stories to share a peak at her Christmas tree-decorated bathroom in her notoriously minimalist Los Angeles mansion. This has sent the internet into meltdown as it did last year when she debuted this Christmas tree idea. Many fans, including the below, have reshared the Instagram story on TikTok to immortalise it. And to top last year, the reality TV star added four extra trees this time.

While it is an unusual choice indeed, experts are by no means against putting a Christmas tree in the bathroom. 

‘Putting a Christmas tree in your bathroom can elevate your decor and add an extra special touch during the festive season. Where you put the tree all comes down to the size of your bathroom,’ says Ben Wightman, product expert at Christmas Tree World.

Consider this your bathroom Christmas tree guide for the holiday season.


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Where to put a Christmas tree in a bathroom

The size of your bathroom will dictate the size of your tree and also its location.

‘Have a look to see if there are any items you could remove and replace with a tree,’ says Barrie Cutchie, design director at BC Designs. ‘We are seeing more chairs being used in bathrooms and so this would be a natural place to think about placing the tree as you are used to an object being there.’

Small tabletop trees make for the perfect festive small bathroom idea as they can be placed on any free elevated surface, even a windowsill.

‘Smaller Christmas trees would work best on any free countertops or windowsills, this keeps them out of the way but still adds a bit of festivity to your bathroom,’ recommends Keeley Sutcliffe, brand manager at nuie Bathrooms.

A bathroom with a bathtub and a Christmas tree

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But if you have some floor space, then a corner or even next to the bath would make for the perfect spots where to put a Christmas tree.

‘Those with bigger bathroom space can opt to position a tree near their bathtub. We recommend placing it on either side of the bath to create a cosy and relaxing ambience,’ Ben says.

Brenna Ryan, bathroom design expert from Victorian Plumbing, continues, ‘Aesthetically, you’re best opting to place your tree in the corner of the room where it’s visible from all angles, without taking up too much room.’

Or if your bathroom is really tiny, you can opt for a wall-hanging tree. ‘If you are really limited in space, we recommend experimenting with wall-mounted decor to help maximise floor space. A DIY wall tree can be achieved using strips of garland, lights and a 2D topper,’ Ben suggests.

A bathroom with yellow walls and a bathtub

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Real vs artificial tree

The debate whether the best artificial trees or real ones come out on top is an ongoing one. And when it comes to choosing one for the bathroom, there are pros and cons to both.

‘The bathroom is typically one of the cooler rooms in the home, with higher humidity, which could make it a better option for a real tree to thrive in,’ Brenna says.

But thinking of safety, she continues, ‘If your bathroom layout means that your Christmas tree needs to be placed close to a heat source, an artificial Christmas tree will be a better option as it will be impacted less so by the heat.’

Keeley of nuie adds, ‘Artificial trees certainly require less maintenance and cause less mess, so if you’re looking for practicality this would be the way to go. Real trees, however, would likely thrive in a room with abundant moisture, so feel free to keep it practical or bring in a bit of nature to your bathroom sanctuary.’

A Christmas-decorated white bathroom

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Tree decorations

Kim Kardashian’s Christmas trees looked striking as the many lights were twinkling in the dark setting. But when decorating your tree, it’s important to keep both safety and the look in mind.

‘You’ll need to make sure if you have lights on it, they have the correct IP for a bathroom,’ Barrie warns. ‘And this might be tricky to find if your fake tree comes with lights already.’

And even if you’re not working with as much space as Kim, it is recommended to keep to a neutral Christmas colour scheme as the businesswoman.

‘Smaller trees and decorations are a must in bathrooms with limited space, keeping the tree’s colour palette neutral is also a must if you don’t want the tree’s style to become overbearing,’ Keeley advises.

Who knew that in 2023 we would be putting a Christmas tree in our bathroom?! We wonder what 2024 will bring.

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